Ceeday or William Wilson, aged 22, is an American Fortnite YouTuber and gamer with up to 67.5 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Although his hilarious videos always gain lots of praise from the netizens and gamers, his fans may get familiar with some of his many-month breaks.

Ceeday Fortnite

Ceeday tends to give no explanation for his breaks and returns. It is surprising that there has been no decrease in the number of his fans, as well as his growth on the platform. This YouTuber brings lots of fun to the viewers via his funny videos such as ‘Default skin videos’ in which he plays the role of an amateur player to troll other players in Fortnite.

Ceeday Twitter

It is a pity that Ceeday has just decided to quit Fortnite forever. Back in January, he posted the last video on YouTube, and then, he had a break that last one month before posting 05 videos relating to Epic Games’ popular battle royale Fortnite. It is said that this YouTuber has felt fed up with the skill levels in Fortnite.


A few days ago, Ceeday revealed that he would quit Fortnite. He even doesn’t have any intention to begin to stream Fall Guys or similar games. Although Fall Guys Ultimate Knockdown has just been released for several weeks, it has started to draw attention from many popular streamers across the world.

Ceeday Quit Fortnite

Back to Ceeday, the 22-year-old YouTuber condemned the developers of the hit battle royale Fortnite. He supposed that they don’t pay as much attention to their gamers as they used to. His opinion obviously came out at a sensitive moment because Epic Games has just released Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 to the world.

Right after that, Mikey - Fortnite Leaks also confirmed the announcement of Ceeday’s quitting the game via his latest tweet.

Accordingly, our young YouTuber appears to create one more video about Fortnite. In the upcoming time, Ceeday’s fans must miss him and his hilarious videos so much.