Speaking of offline games for Android smartphones, gamers can’t miss shooting games. Over time, developers have paid more attention to gameplay, plot, as well as graphics for this kind of game. However, gamers sometimes don’t know which games they should play when the memory capacity of their mobile devices is always one of the top priorities. The following list of best offline shooting games for Android under 100MB will be your best choice in this situation.

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Best Offline Shooting Games For Android Under 100MB

Critical Ops

The first name on the list of best offline shooting games under 100MB is Critical Ops. This game is considered as the mobile version that replicates the legendary Counter-Strike nearly perfectly. The PC version of Critical Ops was developed as a Facebook app that runs on the web platform.

Critical Ops
Critical Ops.

Like the web game, the mobile version consists of two modes including Custom and Rank. There are two maps in Critical Ops including Amsterdam and Barcelona, along with two popular modes: Deathmatch and Defuse. This game doesn’t just have eye-catching 3D graphics, but it also provides a variety of weapons from pistols, rifles to automatic guns.

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Cover Fire

Cover Fire must be amongst the best offline shooting games for Android under 100MB because it is designed with the currently highest-quality graphics for mobile devices. It has been downloaded millions of times and rated 4.7/5.

Cover Fire
Cover Fire.

There are lots of interesting characters with special skills, as well as a huge library of weapons and items. Your missions in this game include using your private skills and strategic minds to start struggles against dangerous military organizations and zombies.

NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is a first-person shooter for mobile devices. The lead character in this game is a former soldier and AI agents who participate in a battle against the invasion of the powerful enemies in outer space.

Nova Legacy
NOVA Legacy.

You can play NOVA Legacy in the offline mode without 3G or Wi-Fi. The diverse weapon system from laser guns, sniper rifles, to artilleries is also another plus point of this game.

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Modern Strike Online

Although its name includes the word “Online”, this game, in fact, allows you to play without a network connection. Modern Strike Online has a 3D graphics as impressive as games for PC. One of the most interesting things about the game comes from the new design of familiar weapons such as AWM, M4A1, and more.

Modern Strike Online
Modern Strike Online.

Furthermore, Modern Strike Online is also designed with key modes of any FPS game with 3D graphics such as Clan, Deathmatch, Ghost, Zombie, and AI…

Final Shot

Final Shot is not a strange name whenever it comes to the best offline shooting games for Android under 100MB. It has eye-catching 3D graphics and great characteristics of control. With Final Shot, gamers have a chance to experience the most realistic battles that promise to bring more excitement than ever.

Final Shot
Final Shot.

It worth mentioning that Final Shot has a completely different mechanism for other shooting games. This mechanism is called “Revenge” that allows gamers to attack the enemies from their backs to change the game when facing a sniper.

Bullet Force

Although it doesn’t make an impression on gamers due to its graphics, Bullet Force is still a great choice for middle-class smartphones. There are a variety of modes in this game such as single-player mode (in easy/normal/hard levels) or Skirmish mode. In the single-player mode, you will appear on a map and start to terminate a certain group of enemies to gain the final win.

Bullet Force
Bullet Force.

The Skirmish mode has a lot in common but you need to determine the number of enemies. Bullet Force also includes Team Deathmatch and Free For All. Your mission is to collect coins based on your scores and level up.

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Lone Wolf

As one of the best offline shooting games for Android under 100MB, Lone Wolf is recommended for gamers above 17 years old. That’s true. Some scenes in Lone Wolf are violent, bloody, and may haunt some certain gamers.

best offline shooting games for android under 100mb
Lone Wolf.

Especially, the lead character in this game is a mysterious assassin. Who is he? How are his past and future? The answer depends on you. Give a try on Lone Wolf as soon as possible.

As such, we have listed 7 best offline shooting games for Android under 100MB. How many games on this list have you ever played? Which is your favorite one? Tell us on the below comment box!

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