App stores including Google Play Store and Apple App Store provide lots of apps that allow users to get free Paytm cash but withdrawing it immediately is not involved. If you are looking for the best Paytm instant money earning apps, let introduce the following list!

List Of The Best Paytm Instant Money Earning Apps


Developed by College Dunia, this online Paytm cash earning app is amongst the top choices. You just need to download and install apps to get Paytm cash instantly. Additionally, with each referral, you can receive Rs5 immediately.


However, you are just allowed to withdraw an amount ranging from Rs20 to Rs100 one time. And your money is then transmitted to your Paytm wallet. Notably, the instant withdrawal feature is just applied for your first withdraw. That means the next withdrawal will take place after 72 hours.

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4Fun App

4Fun App has a lot in common with social media apps like TikTok. Your missions including posting and sharing videos on some apps like WhatsApp. You will be paid by coins that can be then converted into Rupees. With every 250 coins, you will receive one Rupee.

4fun App
4Fun App.

Another method to earn money with this app is by inviting your friends to use it. For each invitation, you will earn Rs7. The more friends you invite, the more cash you earn. To withdraw the cash, you need to reach the minimum amount of Rs200. 4Fun App is one of the best Paytm real cash earning apps you should consider.

Lopscoop App

The next app on the list of best Paytm instant money earning apps is Lopscoop. Nothing is complicated to earn money with this app. Your missions include sharing videos, reading blog posts, or handling some simple tasks.

Lopscoop App
Lopscoop App.

Like the 4Fun App, you can earn an additional amount by inviting your friends to use this app. However, you will receive Rs5, instead of Rs7. It worth mentioning that Lopscoop also belongs to the Paytm cash earning apps with daily bonus. To get more specific, you can try your luck by spinning the lucky wheel and earning Rs50. Lopscoop doesn’t require the minimum withdrawal amount. It’s great!

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Bulb Smash Game

Bulb Smash Game must be the top priority of many gamers who want to get instant Paytm cash. All you need to do, of course, is playing games. This app allows you to choose between playing games for entertainment or for money. For the second choice, the Super Level Mode is for you! Note that watching a video ad is involved if you want to earn money. However, you can also stop such an ad by buying an Rs20 booster.

Bulb Smash Game
Bulb Smash Game.

Don’t forget thatRs60 is the minimum amount for each withdrawal. And once you refer Bulb Smash Game to your friends, you will immediately earn Rs19.

Pocket Money

Speaking of the Paytm instant money earning apps, you shouldn’t miss Pocket Money - a simple app that helps you earning money in a short time by downloading, installing apps, watching ads, as well as playing games.

The similarity between Pocket Money and Lopscoop is that these two apps offer Rs5 for each of your referrals. However, Pocket Money will pay you an additional amount, Rs5, if your friend successfully makes Rs40.

Data Buddy App

Data Buddy App worth a try if you want to try one of the best currently Paytm instant money earning apps. To earn money, you need to download and install apps, play games, and perform many other tasks. For each referral, you will receive up to Rs20 immediately.

Data Buddy App
Data Buddy App.

You can only access the payment system after earning Rs60. However, there are only 4 amounts for you to choose including Rs20, Rs100, Rs200, and Rs500. In other words, even when your Paytm wallet has Rs60, Rs20 is the maximum withdraw amount you can choose.

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Stick Pool Club Game

The last name on the list of Paytm instant money earning apps is Stick Pool Club Game. As suggested via its name, you have to play games to make money, and therefore, this app must be suitable for gamers.

paytm instant money earning apps
Stick Pool Club Game.

Note that right after signing up this app, you will earn 50 coins. Referring Stick Pool Club Game to your friends is a good idea to collect up to 10 coins. Additionally, extra coins are paid when your friend connects to Facebook or play over 5 matches.

Above are amongst the best Paytm instant money earning apps you should consider if you want to get the cash as soon as possible. Hope that these apps will be helpful for you.

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