Romance comedy movies, also known as rom com movies, tend to easily win the hearts of a large number of audiences across the world due to its funny and sweet scenes and happy ending. Let’s check out the following list of best rom com movies Hollywood with! These movies must offer you great moments after a long day of hard work.

List Of Best Rom Com Movies Hollywood (1/2)

Before We Go

Before We Go deserves a spot on the list of best romantic comedy movies of Hollywood. This movie marked the directing career of Chris Evans (Captain America) with the main cast including Chris Evans and Alice Eve. The story begins when a young woman in New York City is robbed while catching a night train. And then, she accidentally meets a young musician who performs on the platform.

Before We Go
Before We Go.

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The Decoy Bride

Renowned actress Lara Tyler is going to marry author James Arber but the couple is afraid that the paparazzi will ruin their marriage. They decide to hold their special event on a small island called Hegg in Scotland. However, it’s seemingly impossible for them to escape from the paparazzi because the island’s name appears in James’s leaked novel. A series of humorous situations take place when they let Katie, a single girl on the island, play the role of the bride. If you are looking for rom com best romantic movies Hollywood, The Decoy Bride must be a great choice.

The Decoy Bride
The Decoy Bride.

Our Lovers

A romantic comedy movie from Spain is directed and co-produced by Miguel Angel Lamata. A strange story revolves around a film screenwriter Carlos (Eduardo Noriega) who accidentally meets a 30-year-old girl at a café. They start to have a dating with one condition: They are not allowed to love each other!

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For A Good Time, Call…

Speaking of top rom com movies Hollywood, many believe that For A Good Time, Call… is even more humorous than they expect. The movie doesn’t mention a love story between boy and girl as any other romance movie. It boasts an impressive shift and healing of two female housemates, from haters to colleagues, and then to soulmates. The audience can’t stop falling in love with multiple funny scenes in this movie.

List Of Best Rom Com Movies Hollywood (2/2)

The 10 Year Plan

The 10 Year Plan may be the most special movie on the list of best rom com movies Hollywood. There is no love between a guy and a girl. It revolves around two gay friends who, aged 25, used to promise to become a couple and live together if they are still single at 35. 10 years later, does their promise come true?

Someone Like You

The movie stars handsome werewolf Hugh Jackman as a master of dating and flirts. His character completely changes the life of Jane Goodale (Ashley Judd) who believes in a scientific experiment with a bull and a cow. Accordingly, the bull supposedly doesn’t mount a cow twice. Jane believes that men are like the bull. However, her life has a great change when Eddie Alden (Hugh Jackman) appears.

best rom com movies hollywood
Someone Like You.

Last Holiday

The next movie on the list of best romance movies Hollywood Hindi Dubbed is Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah as a lead female character. One day, Georgia Byrd, a shy employee in New Orleans, knows that she has to cope with a terminal illness and she has the last three weeks to live. There are a lot of things to do, and Georgia decides to withdraw all of her savings to go on the first and last vacation.

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Beauty And The Briefcase

You should never miss Hillary Duff’s Beauty And The Briefcase because this movie is full of intelligence and humor. This time, Hilary Duff makes an appearance as a reporter who wants to write an office love for Cosmo magazine. In a bid to create a perfect story, she decides to become the lead role, and her all trouble also begins from that moment.

Man Up

Man Up is the last name on the list of best rom com movies Hollywood. This British-French movie is directed by Ben Palmer and written by Tess Morris. Man Up revolves around a single woman who accidentally has a date with a stranger but the luck still smiles at her. That man turns out to be a great boyfriend she has never thought of before.

Above are the best rom com movies Hollywood you can add to your must-watch list. These movies must be a great option for you to kill the time on weekends or any free time.

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