Suspense thriller movies are always on the top choices of the audience across the world. Read the following list of the best suspense thriller movies in English to know why they have drawn such much attention. Check it out with!

1. Suvarna Sundari (2019)

Suvarna Sundari tells a story about a mysterious idol called Trinetri. It is supposed to derive from the 15th century. Whoever becomes a new owner of Trinetri will soon lose his or her life. However, regardless of rumors, a gang tries to hunt the idol with the hope to sell it in the international market. Meanwhile, an archaeologist wants to prevent Trinetri from ruining people’s life. Watch this movie if you are looking for the best English suspense thriller movies latest!

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2. Omme Nishyabda Omme Yudda (2019)

The son of a business tycoon, Adithya, falls in love with a mute and deaf girl named Akanksha. He decides to refuse an arranged marriage and plans to marry Akanksha. They start a new life in a farmhouse but one day, when he is absent, a psycho killer suddenly appears to kill Akanksha. Meanwhile, Adithya is arrested and tortured by a police officer. What is happening to this couple? All secrets will just be revealed at the end of the movie. Watch it now!

3. Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems is one of the best suspense thriller movies in English that received high appreciation from the critics in 2019. The movie is set in New York City in the early 2010s and revolves around Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) - a jeweler who is also known as a gambling addict. One day, Howard accidentally discovers and buys a rare black opal from Ethiopia. He hopes to pay off his all debts by selling it at an auction but everything goes beyond his control.

4. The Platform (2019)

The Spanish movie successfully manages to draw huge attention from the audience across the world on many online streaming platforms. It revolves around a brutal experiment to analyze people. As one of the best suspense thriller English movies on Amazon Prime India, The Platform also depicts a capitalist society with a lot of dark sides. Accordingly, those in the upper stairs have enough to eat while those in the downstairs have no choice but to eat other’s flesh to survive.

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5. Circle (2015)

Inspired by the 1957 movie 12 Angry Men, Circle has a unique script. 50 people wake up in a dark room and when each two minutes goes by, one is killed. No exception for the ones who want to escape. They soon realize that they are allowed to choose the next victim, leading to a denouncement to prove who deserves to keep alive or not. Meanwhile, a group of people makes efforts to find out the rules of killing. Don't miss Circle because it is a must-watch amongst the best English suspense thriller movies 2020!

6. The Invitation (2015)

In the Invitation, the main character and his girlfriend decide to join a night party held by his ex-girlfriend. They gradually realize there is something wrong, from the host’s weird behaviors to other guests. Meanwhile, everything in this house reminds the main character of his late son. What will happen to him and other guests? Watch The Invitation and you won’t waste 100 minutes of your life!

The Invitation
The Invitation.

7. Triangle (2009)

As one of the best English suspense thriller movies of all time, the 2009 thriller movie tells a story about a boating trip of a single mom, along with her son and friends. When there is an issue on the ship, they move to a deserted ship before realizing a series of mysteries around them. Triangle isn’t just a bloody work but it also impresses the audience with the theories relating to “time-lapse”, as well as how Jess dares to do everything to protect her son.

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8. Exam (2009)

With a budget of only half a million dollars, Exam (2019) revolves around a proficiency test. A company arranges all of the potential candidates into a room and gives them a blank paper. Each of the 08 candidates has his own story and issue. When time goes by, their patience and collaboration gradually run out…

Exam 2009

9. The Machinist (2004)

Directed by Brad Anderson, the 2004 movie stars Christian Bale as the main character and revolves around the machinist Trevor who face psychological and insomnia issues. He loses weight and often experiences hallucinations. His mental breakdown leads to his unemployment and many other things. The Machinist doesn’t just offer a haunting portrait of people with mental issues but it should be also considered as a warning for those who disregard health.

The Machinist
The Machinist.

Above are some of the best suspense thriller movies in English you shouldn’t miss. They must be a great option for thriller movie fans and you must not waste any time on them!

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