Netflix has become one of the most-loved streaming platforms offering a vast collection of movies and web series in a variety of genres such as horror, action, thriller, romance, and more. Today, will introduce to you the list of best Hindi horror movies on Netflix that can steal your sleep! Read the following list right now!

10. Under The Shadow

Iranian Babak Anvari made his directorial debut via the psychological horror movie Under The Shadow. It is set in Tehran, Iran in 1988 during the War Of The Cities.

After being banned to return to the medical college due to her past politics, Shideh suddenly realizes that her husband is assigned to the battlefield. Shideh and her daughter Dorsa struggle to survive from the enemy air raids. Watch Under The Shadow right now if you are looking for the best horror movies on Netflix Hindi dubbed!

9. The Gift

The Gift revolves around a happy couple who moves to a new house and accidentally meets a friend again. The friend sends a gift, along with touching wishes, to the husband every day. However, his kindness seemingly hides somewhat. Turns out, the handsome husband isn’t as good as his appearance. Although there is no ghost or serial killer, The Gift successfully depicts the haunted atmosphere like any other impressive horror movie.

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8. The Conjuring

Directed by James Wan, The Conjuring was first released in 2013 and is based on true stories about two paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The series mentions a haunted family who asks Ed and Lorraine for help. They may never think that the supernatural forces in the next case are one of the scariest cases they have ever faced. Many years after its first release, The Conjuring has become one of the top horror movies on Netflix in Hindi. Don’t miss it!

7. The Haunting Of Hill House

It’s not exaggerated to say that Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting Of Hill House brings a new wind to the horror movie world. Based on the novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, the series rapidly wins the hearts across the world.

The Haunting Of Hill House
The Haunting Of Hill House.

The Haunting Of Hill House revolves around a family who accidentally buys an old mansion. They soon discover a series of mysteries in this house and they have become its latest victims.

6. Kingdom

Kingdom mentions an adventure of Crown Prince Lee Chang to find out the truth behind a strange pandemic. A series of unexplainable death happen across the nation, along with creepy rumors. Lee Chang is assigned to investigate the case and learn how to save his people. Watch Kingdom and you will know why it deserves on the list of best Hindi horror movies on Netflix!

5. Ghoul

Ghoul is set in a fictional future when India has to face multiple attacks from Islamic extremist groups. Nida Rahim, a military officer who accuses her father of spreading Islam to his students has to interrogate the most dangerous terrorist Ali Saeed in a prison. This criminal turns out to be a supernatural creature with dark power or a special combination with the monster world.


4. Dark

After the crime series Money Heist, the global audience has seemingly realized the huge attraction of non-English series. and Dark is such a series. Dark tells a story in a remote village of Winden, German in which residents choose to keep living a dim life, instead of moving to a better place. Until Michael Kahnwald kills himself, his son Jonas Kahnwald decides to find out the truth and gradually discovers the darkest aspects of his land.

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3. La Mante (or The Mantis)

As one of the top 10 horror movies on Netflix in Hindi, La Mante or The Mantis is a French miniseries to revolves around a psychopath who gets impressed by Jeanne Deber, also known as The Mantis, a famous serial killer of 25 years ago. The police ask Jeanne Deber for help to find out the copycat. However, The Mantis announces to agree with the only requirement: She just talks to Detective Damien Carrot who is also her estranged son. Damien has no choice but to accept her plan.

2. Marianne

Marianne tells a story about a novelist who always suffers from the characters in her horror novels including the witch haunting her daily life. By some ways, her characters appear in the real-world and the most powerful character, Marianne, aims to invade the spirit of her victims. What does Emma have to do to prevent the Witch? Watch Marianne right now if you are looking for the best Hindi dubbed horror movies on Netflix in recent years!

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1. iZombie

Doctor Olivia Liv Moore becomes a zombie and loses her ambition until she starts to work in the city morgue in which she eats victims’ brains to keep surviving, as well as to comprehend the memories and thinking of the deceased people.

iZombie is based on the comic book series of the same name by DC Comics. The main character Liv soon realizes that her new diet helps her experience victims’ memories, and therefore, she can handle murder cases more easily. The only one to know her secrets is her boss Ravi Chakrabarti. They team up to catch criminals in their ways.

Above are some of the best Hindi horror movies on Netflix in recent years. Which movie suits you the most? Tell us in the comment box below! And don’t forget to keep updating the latest news and movies on the Movies section at!