The best documentary about nature is amongst the TV programs that help improve spiritual health the most effectively. The following list of documentaries on nature promises to bring truthful and inspirational viewpoints about the majesty and wonder of nature.

Let’s check out these best documentaries about nature with! Hopefully, you will have a great leisure time with them!

Best Documentary About Nature (1/2)

Planet Earth: Miniseries (2007)

Planet Earth: Miniseries (2007) gives us an overview of the living environment of wild animals and manages to resonate amongst a huge library of science and nature documentaries. Each episode introduces a unique living environment and ranges from caves, forests, deserts, deltas, mountains, and more. Apart from creative camera views, the humorous narrative of natural historian David Attenborough and the outstanding background music are the big plus points for this documentary. The miniseries won many noble awards including 4 Emmy awards.

Planet Earth 2007
Planet Earth 2007.

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Planet Earth II: Miniseries (2017)

Following the impressive success of Part I, Planet Earth II once again makes the global audiences admirable due to its emotional and spectacular scenes. This series provides lots of interesting scientific information about the life of animals in the urbanization period and reveals a chain of harsh challenges they have to face to keep surviving on Earth.

Planet Earth Ii
Planet Earth II.

Blue Planet II: Miniseries (2017)

Speaking of the best documentary on nature, Blue Planet II: Miniseries (2017) must worth a try. The series sends us a lively story of the characteristics of sea creatures, breathtaking hunting, and a secret world full of dangers in deep blue seas. Blue Planet II doesn’t just impress the audiences due to its beautiful frames, funny scientific knowledge, but it also is narrated charmingly by David Attenborough along with many epic background music composed by famous composer Hans Zimmer.

Blue Planet Ii
Blue Planet II.

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Our Planet I (2019)

Our Planet I attracts the audiences across the world via an attractive adventure through the far cold Arctic, arid Africa, or dense South American jungles. The natural beauty of 50 countries is gathered wonderfully in Deserts and Grasslands, Frozen Worlds, Forests, and Jungles. Additionally, the filmmakers made three special episodes to discover the ecosystems of freshwater and saltwater. According to the experts, Our Planet I is a hearty visual party that helps us discover more about the Earth and calls for practical actions for environmental protection.

Our Planet 2019
Our Planet 2019.

Best Documentary About Nature (2/2)

Chasing Ice (2012)

Chasing Ice deserves one of the best nature documentaries of all time. It follows natural photographer James Balog on a journey to the North Pole to look for evidence of climate change. The author used a special camera to record the gradual meltdown of iced mountains in many years. The majestic scenes in Chasing Ice must win our hearts due to the spectacular nature and surprises us by the dangerous consequences of climate change. The critics said that Chasing Ice is a truthful, spectacular documentary that opens despair and anxiety about the truth.

Chasing Ice
Chasing Ice.

Chasing Coral (2017)

Amongst the list of the best documentary series nature, Chasing Coral gets high appreciation due to its artistic orientation via wonderful frames of the deep blue ocean. With Chasing Coral, the audiences actually have to think twice about the emergency situation of coral reefs.

This series revolves around a team including a former advertising executive, a coral enthusiast, photographers, and oceanographers in an effort to save the images of this beautiful sea creature before it is discolored and died. They had lots of difficulties due to technical errors and harsh recording conditions. With unique content and vivid frames, Chasing Coral is a warning about the disastrous consequences caused by climate change in the future.

best documentary about nature
Chasing Coral.

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Flight Of Butterflies (2012)

If you are too busy to watch the natural documentary series with many episodes, Flight of Butterflies must be the best documentary about nature for you. With the 45-minute duration, this film mentions the exodus from Mexico through the United States to Canada and vice versa of King butterflies. Further, it worth mentioning that Flight Of Butterflies was made by Doctor Fred Urquhart in nearly 40 years.

Flight Of The Butterflies
Flight Of The Butterflies.

Blackfish (2013)

The reason for its appearance on this list comes from the fact that Blackfish used to rock the world in 2013. This documentary revolves around a smart killer whale called Tilikum who was imprison for his whole life to provide humans with entertainment. It was the bad captive condition that made Tilikum angry and then it killed 03 employees at SeaWorld. Blackfish is a stark reminder that provokes a storm of protest for the right of animals.

It’s hard to determine which the best documentary about nature is because each film has its own beauty and success. However, we can never deny their priceless value.

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