Streamer InvaderVie has been one of the familiar faces on the Twitch platform. She focuses on streaming many games including Mass Effect, Animals Crossing: New Horizons, and The Legend of Zelda. However, viewers rapidly realize that her main content revolves around her life experiences, as well as sharing lifestyle tips.

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InvaderVie has recently come under fire when she was violently dissatisfied with the viewers who didn’t donate enough money to her. Accordingly, this streamer said that the viewers who didn’t pay only $5 to become her subscribers shouldn’t watch her Twitch content. She added that such viewers should apply for a job instead of watching her content.

Many felt unhappy about her speech because along with the increasing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, lakhs of people across the world have lost their jobs. It worth mentioning that It’sAGundam - a YouTuber with 485k subscribers - ironized her via his latest post.

It’sAGundam first analyzed InvaderVie’s content on her stream. According to Amanda, Unicorn Ascended, it’s not hard to realize that this female streamer only starts gaming when she earns enough donations from her viewers.

Invadervie Viewer

InvaderVie’s rant obviously made the netizens angry. Many felt insulted and uncomfortable about her, while others ironized InvaderVie and even called this girl stupid.

It’sAGundam had the same thought as a large number of her viewers. He boldly called InvaderVie a monster and didn’t know what the viewers in the third-world country would think after watching her streams.  He also emphasized that he had to watch her stream twice to understand what the stupid streamer said.

His video is full of funny and trolling content about InvaderVie and he also didn’t forget to insult her content. It’sAGundam also mentioned how she shamed a viewer when he said that he couldn’t donate to her due to his unemployment. InvaderVie reminded It’sAGundam of BadBunny - another Twitch streamer who has cursed and derided her viewers many times.

Streamer Invadervie

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Twitch Streamer Invadervie