Streamers have rocked the Internet in recent ten years and accordingly, Twitch, YouTube, and the streaming platforms have more popular than ever. These platforms have welcomed a lot of talented, beautiful, tricky, and even awkward streamers who always try their best to earn both fame and money as fast as possible.

Many may not know that the donations streamers receive on live streams, in fact, are just a small amount and they mainly earn money from the ads that are run on their channels. However, there are some exceptions in which the Twitch streamers receive the largest-ever donations during their whole career, or even in the streaming community.

Here are the top Twitch streamers who manage to earn a huge donation from her fans and followers!

CohhCarnage (Rs23.5 Lakh)

Ben, better known as CohhCarnage, has now had 13 lakh Twitch followers. He isn’t just good at playing many kinds of video games, but he also loves experiencing newly-released games. In a live stream, while CohhCarnage was interacting with his viewers, he surprisingly realized that a fan named Zretch had just sent a huge donation worth $32k (about Rs23.5 Lakh) to him.


No need to mention how happy this streamer felt at that time. He seemingly couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s completely easy to understand his feeling.

Sick_Nerd (Rs8 Lakh)

Speaking of Sick_Nerd or Adam, besides RuneScape, his favorite games also include Minecraft, COD: Modern Warfare, and Among Us. There have been about 171k followers on his Twitch page.

Donation Streamer

In the past, Sick_Nerd used to get donated $11,498.98 (about Rs 8 lakh). The amount was so huge that this streamer even couldn’t believe that it was real.

Mikaylah (Rs7 Lakh)

The last name on the list of top streamers with huge donations is Mikaylah - a ‘Just chatting’ or an ‘IRL’ streamer. Apart from Fortnite, Mikaylah has recently played Among Us. Her Twitch page has now attracted more than 68k followers.

Female Streamer

This streamer stands the third position on this list. One of her fans used to donate $10k (about Rs7 lakh) to her. However, Mikaylah is not the only one to receive a donation of Rs7 lakh in the streaming community. Let’s watch the following video to learn who these streamers are.

Female Streamer 1

Female Streamer 2

Female Streamer 3

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