100 Thieves BrookeAB, a well-known streamer on Twitch, has recently revealed her bad experience when she became a victim of online stalkers and abusers.

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Streamer BrookeAB.

Female streamers on Twitch, as well as on many other social networks, always try their best to attract the attention on the Internet; however, along with their increasing popularity, they have faced a lot of difficulties and even frightening experiences. For example, both Pokimane and Sweet Anita used to be stalked by crazy fans, and they are not the only ones.

One of the top priorities streamers need to follow is to make their name become as popular as possible. Although the streaming world can help them interact with countless fans in the world, they can accidentally attract bad guys, such as stalkers and abusers.

Hot streamer BrookeAB is not an exception when she has recently told her story on Twitter. Accordingly, a group of online stalkers and abusers threatened to kill or bodily harm her, and more. However, she asserted that she would keep going forward, regardless of what she has now faced. BrookeAB has teamed up with many female streamers in a bid to take online stalkers down.

BrookeAB now works as a well-known Twitch streamer under the management of 100 Thieves - a lifestyle brand and gaming organization in Los Angeles. There have now been over 8 lakh followers on her Twitch page.

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A few days ago, she shared a six-month emotional nightmare both BrookeAB and her family experienced. It was such a bad case that the streamer had to ask the FBI, as well as the law enforcement teams, for help. With the hope to end every online stalking, the streamer joined hands with other female streamers to prevent both stalkers and abusers from attacking them on the Internet and in real life.

BrookeAB also sent a big thanks to her family, law enforcement teams, and especially her fans who gave support to her in this terrible experience. She hopes that the streaming community will help her make abusers face criminal and civil charges.

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