Many female YouTubers now tend to make shocking performances on their live streams in a bid to attract as many viewers as possible. That’s why the recent pole dancing of hot YouTuber Lee Sol in the following incident no longer made the netizens deeply shocked. However, what made the netizens feel excited came from her performance that took place in front of her husband, instead of just her followers.

Couple Youtubers
YouTuber Lee Sol and her husband (also a YouTuber).

To get more specific, on her latest live stream, Lee Sol rocked the netizens in a unique manner. While the camera was showing her husband wearily sitting on the second floor after moving to a new house, the beautiful YouTuber suddenly appeared in a sexy dancing outfit after taking a bath. It worth mentioning that her dress showed off her seducing body in front of her husband with surprised eyes.

Like any other husband, Lee Sol’s husband immediately paid attention to his wife’s dress. He also frankly admitted that it looked so sexy. However, that’s not enough. The hot YouTuber started to pole dance via a series of skillful moves. Many even thought that she looked like a pro dancer.

It was obvious that her fans got a big shock as seeing this performance. But Lee Sol’s pole dance may not impress the netizens as much as her husband’s expression. He couldn’t seemingly believe what’s happening in front of his eyes.

Lee Sol 3

Although fans got impressed by Lee Sol’s sexy performance, the majority felt more excited about her husband’s funny face. The word ‘Surprised’ may not be enough to depict his expression because there were seemingly more things behind his eyes.

Lee Sol and her husband Park Seong Kwang often share their sweet moments on the Internet.

Couple 1

Couple 2

Lee Sol

Lee Sol 1

Lee Sol 2

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