Two streamers who have just become victims of the crooks are reportedly Xiao Tuan Tuan and PDD. With their great influence and popularity, they have rapidly become one of the most prominent streamers on the DouYu platform.

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Popular Streamers
Liu Mou and Xiao Tuan Tuan have become victims of scammers.

Born in 1994, Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan is known as a hot streamer on DouYu. She has made a strong impression on the gaming community and netizens due to her excellent skills in PUBG. This female streamer also has a unique streaming style and a sweet voice that help her win the hearts on the Internet. At present, her DouYu ID has more than 2 crore followers.

Xiao Tuan Tuan
Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan often wears a mask to hide her true beauty.

The real name of the male streamer PDD is Liu Mou. He was born in 1991. PDD is known as a former pro League of Legends esports player. He now works as a well-known streamer on DouYu. It is said that PDD has a good relationship with Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan and these two streamers often hold live streams that attract a large number of fans.

Liu Mou
Popular streamer Liu Mou.

In recent days, Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan’s fans have suddenly discovered two fake IDs that cosplay both the female streamer and PDD on the YiYun platform. These bad guys used software to forge the voices of the two popular streamers.

Although these scammers copied the whole information about Yi Tiao Xiao Tuan Tuan and created a similar private page to that of the female streamer, her big fans could realize what was real and what was fake without any difficulty.

Fake Ids
The fake ID.

However, it’s not an easy game for new fans. That’s why many thought that the fake page was the real one and immediately donated more than Rs 85k to the fake page.

Right after realizing they were swindled, fans joined hands to report the fake ID. It is likely that this ID will soon disappear on the Internet. The netizens have got familiar with scammers cosplaying celebrities and streamers to profit from their fans, but it’s sad that there are always a lot of new victims of this old trick.

Fake Ids Streamers
The scammers scammed over Rs 85k from the streamers' fans.

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