Triggered Insaan is no longer a strange name to the streaming world and social networks. His real name is Nishchay Malhan. He is now known as one of the 50 most popular YouTubers in India. This streamer has made a powerful impression on the netizens due to his funny videos, gameplay videos, and life story videos. The netizens always feel curious about everything around his life, from his personal information, favorite games, to who Triggered Insaan girlfriend is.

Now, let reveal some interesting information about this talented guy!

Who is Triggered Insaan?

Speaking of Triggered Insaan age, he was born on November 14 1995 in New Delhi and that means he is now 25 years old (to 2020). He mainly works on the 5 following social networks including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, and his fame comes from his YouTube videos of life stories and games. You may not know that his videos on YouTube often attract about 50 lakh to 70 lakh views - a huge number that many YouTubers always dream of.

Triggered Insaan

Many tend to have prejudice about gamers and streamers, even think that they are all bad students. At least, Triggered Insaan’s incident is another completely different story. During school time, this streamer was always one of the most prominent students in his classes. However, after completed class 10, he was in depression for a period of time. He then graduated from the Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT) with an Engineering degree. Before starting his current career as a YouTuber, he used to work another job; however, this job wasn’t attractive enough to tie to him for a long time. It’s time he began to follow his dream and create short videos on YouTube.

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What Does Triggered Insaan Family Comment On His Passion?

In the beginning, Triggered Insaan may predict what he would possibly face if he immediately revealed to his parents about his job. That’s why he used to keep his career and video secret from his family. At that time, they just knew that he was doing something. Until his videos gradually went viral and drew a lot of attention on the Internet, he revealed his plan to his parents.

Triggered Insaan Mom
Little Triggered Insaan and mom.

It is great that both his mother and father have given full support to his career. If you are a big fan of this smart streamer, you may watch some of his videos his family members have joined. Triggered Insaan is obviously much luckier than many other streamers who have tried to persuade their parents to support their dreams.

How Many Times Does Triggered Insaan Change His YouTube Channel?

It is said that his YouTube channel was initially named Yes Yes Bhai before he changed it into Nishchay. And then, he once again updated a new name for his channel. This time, the chosen name is Triggered Insaan - the name that has been popular on the Internet and rocked the netizens in recent years.

Youtuber Triggered Insaan

Additionally, there have been about 65 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel Triggered Insaan while Live Insaan, his second YouTube channel, has collected about 40 lakh subscribers. His Instagram account has about 7 lakh followers and his Twitter account has 25k followers. For those unknown, his younger brother also works as a YouTuber who runs the channel Fukra Insan.

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Being a popular YouTuber means apart from fame, Triggered Insaan earns a huge amount each month. According to a recent report, he is paid about Rs1.5 lakh to Rs2 lakh, and his net worth is estimated at about $1M to $2M (~Rs7.3 crore to Rs14.7 crore).

Who is Girlfriend Of Triggered Insaan?

It can be undeniable that the netizens always feel curious about who Triggered Insaan gf is. And the good news for his fangirls is this talented YouTuber hasn’t had a girlfriend yet or at least there hasn’t been any leaked information about this lucky girl. The 25-year-old guy reveals that all he wants now is to focus on developing his career.

If any girl wants to become Triggered Insaan girlfriend, she should know something about him. For example, his favorite actress is Disha Patani, his favorite games include PUBG Mobile and Fall Guys. Messy is the footballer he loves the most and like many other Indians, he often spends a lot of time watching The Kapil Sharma Show.

Speaking of Triggered Insaan lifestyle, the YouTuber reportedly lives a healthy life. He says no to both smoking and drinking alcohol. Additionally, back in August this year, Triggered Insaan used to do a 24h stream about floods in Assam and Bihar. After this incident, the netizens even called him the hero in YouTube.

Triggered Insaan has now continued to develop his career on social networks, especially on YouTube. Many wonders who Triggered Insaan girlfriend will be in the future and when she appears. Let’s keep updating the latest news about this guy and many other popular streamers on the Streamers section at!

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