Many believe that some popular MOBA games, especially those on mobile devices, such as Arena Of Valor and League of Legend: Wild Rift, are just suitable for young players. These games require high speed, competitiveness, as well as good reaction, and therefore, their main target players tend to be about 27 years old and below. However, in recent days, the netizens have got a big surprise when knowing Mama Song - an elderly streamer who is rocking the world of King of Glory. It worth mentioning that despite her age, she often live streams and plays the game as passionately as young streamers.

Streamer Mama Song

Some think that Mama Song may just tell boring jokes on her live streams. If you are also one of these people, you must be 100% wrong. Although the female streamer is over 50 years old, she has spread big love to the gaming world.

It is said that her current ranks are even higher than those of over 90% of players in King of Glory. Mama Song just needs to win a few more games to hit the highest rank of this game. Of course, she has received some help from some masters in ranked dual matches, but it can be undeniable that she has lots of outstanding skills that many young gamers should learn from her right now.

Mama Song

When being asked why she spends a lot of time playing games, the elderly streamer once again makes the netizens admirable. To get more specific, she revealed that the main reason behind her playing games is to prevent memory loss or Alzheimer's - a disease old people always suffer.

Streamer Song

That’s why Mama Song always shares positive energy on each of her live streams. Although she is not actually a pro streamer, she always receives lots of support from the netizens. It is obvious that games are not just for young people and those like Mama Song have successfully proved us this fact.

Mama Song 1
Mama Song in her daily life.

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