With Halloween is almost upon us, famous streamer Herschel Guy Beahm IV, or you may know him under the alias Dr Disrespect, recently launched the #Doctober contest.

He took to Twitter to made public a costume contest he calls Doctober, which features a ton of prizes from its sponsors.

The contest’s rule is simple. Participants must pull the best possible Dr Disrespect cosplay to win the chance to be featured in the top 3. The top cosplayers will get a wide range of Doc’s merchandise.

While we still have a few more days left to see who the contest’s winner is, we have already seen a strong competitor who will likely be among the best. That cosplayer is no other than Dr Disrespect’s daughter.

The Doc recently made public a cute picture of his 5-year-old daughter dressing in his iconic red vest, mullet, shades, and even his caterpillar mustache.

No sooner had he posted a picture of Baby Assassin on Twitter than people started to flood the post with responses saying she would be the outright winner this year.

Dr Disrespect’s Daughter Cosplaying Him

This isn’t the first time she appeared in front of the public. Dr Disrespect's fans can sometimes see her popping up in her father's streams, stealing the show with her innocence and charisma.

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Screenshot 2

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From the amount of support she gets, it seems like Baby Disrespect has already gained a certain amount of fame. So no matter how the contest turns out, the Internet has already had their winner.