This week, Dr Disrespect, who's been in the middle of a lot of talk, has given an official statement about why Twitch banned him in 2020. He admits that "inappropriate" messages with a minor were the main issue but insists nothing against the law occurred. His statement was posted on X, confirming the situation with their own three separate sources.

Dr Disrespect's official statement on X

Dr Disrespect wrote a lengthy post sharing his perspective on the situation. He made several edits to the post after initially publishing it. Despite using strong language and addressing his community, family, and friends directly, there are important points worth noting.

He acknowledged communicating with a minor in 2017 through Twitch's Whisper feature. He described the messages as occasionally crossing into inappropriate territory but emphasized that no photos were exchanged and no meetings took place with the minor. Interestingly, he initially edited the post to remove the word "minor" but reinstated it following criticism.

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect wrote a lengthy post sharing his perspective on the situation.

The Twitch streamer stated that circumstances beyond his control prevented him from discussing the matter publicly for several years following the ban. Now, with former Twitch employees and even social media revealing much of the information, he feels able to speak openly about it.

Dr Disrespect reportedly settled a lengthy arbitration over a civil dispute with Twitch. Additionally, it's been disclosed previously that Twitch paid out his entire contract when they enforced the ban.

Finally, the streamer asserts that no illegal activities occurred, emphasizing there were no criminal charges or cases against him.

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