Fortnite has now been known as one amongst the most attractive games and that’s why lots of streamers, including female streamers, love streaming it on Twitch and other social networks. It worth mentioning that male streamers tend to attract more followers than female streamers. It may be due to their huge knowledge about this popular game or a better sense of humor.

However, the following female streamers have recently changed the streaming world and made a powerful impression on the audiences due to the number of their followers on Twitch. Who are they? Read the list below to find out your answer!

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Pokimane - 53 lakhs followers

Ranked No.1 on the list of top 5 most followed Fornite female streamers on Twitch is not a strange face: Imane Pokimane Anys. In addition to Twitch, the Moroccan Canadian girl has also proved her huge attraction on YouTube. Pokimane’s Fortnite streams help her win the audiences’ hearts and now, she has kept giving a try with Valorant. Her favorite games include Fortnite, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Valorant.


Pokimane Streamer

Pokimane Twitch

Loserfruit - 18 lakhs followers

Born in 1993, the Australian female streamer rocks the streaming world due to her lovely face and hard work via lots of Fortnite streams. Like Pokimane, she works on both YouTube and Twitch. Fans all know that Kathleen Loserfruit Belsteen is amongst the few streamers to own an exclusive Fortnite skin. There have been about 18 lakh followers on her Twitch account.


Loserfruit Streamer

Loserfruit Fortnite Skin

Loeya - 12 lakhs followers

The next position on this list of the most followed Fortnite female streamers on Twitch belongs to Loeya (Liah), aged 22. She has attracted more than 12 lakhs Twitch followers.

Loeya Streamer


Loeya started streaming in 2017 with the FPS game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The beautiful streamer from Sweden has joined Fortnite’s world since 2018 and soon gained support from the community.

KittyPlays - 11 lakhs followers

Kristen Michaela, better known as KittyPlays, is a must-have name when it comes to the list of most followed Fortnite female streamers on Twitch. There are lots of factors to form her attraction on this platform: interesting gameplay videos, frequent interaction with fans, and sometimes renowned celebs as her special guests.


Kristen Streamer

Valkyrae - 9.47 lakhs followers

In spite of standing on the last spot on this list, Rachel Valkyrae Hofstetter still has a huge number of fans on her own Twitch channel: 9.47 lakhs followers. In recent days, she has moved to stream on YouTube but there is no sign that fans will give up following her on Twitch. It can be undeniable that her Fortnite streams manage to rock the streaming world and help her gain lots of success as now.


Valkyrae female streamers