Having one of the largest fan bases with more than 350M users coming from every corner in the world, Fortnite is no doubt one of the most famous games ever. Do you ever think that you could ever find the true love of your life among hundreds of millions of Fortnite users? The story actually happened in real life for this couple. They even got engaged and are expecting a baby thanks to Fortnite: Battle Royal. Check out the full story.

Fortnite player couple love
Falling in love and having baby after meeting each other in Fortnite, this story will tell you how

Recently, a 23-year-old boy from Finland shared his story to Reddit, explaining how he met his wife-to-be via the game. According to him, he met a girl by chance while playing Fortnite Creative. Together they built a 1X1 box and decorated it with sprays. The girl remained lowkey but they have been there, watched the black hole for 8 hours, and talked on their PS4s.

Fortnite player have baby
He shared the story and an ultrasound photo of his upcoming baby on Reddit

As both of them feel something special toward each other, they decided to meet up in person and soon became 'good friends'. Their relationship continued to be developed as they started to date, moved in together, and got engaged. The best thing about the story is that the couple is expecting a baby boy and the due date is on this September. They want to name him 'Hugo' based on their favorite Fortnite outfit from Espionage set.

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fortnite hugo
The baby is named after his parent's favorite skin Hugo

The story quickly went viral on the internet as other Fortnite players gushed over to show how surprised they were seeing people being connected via the game. Some users pointed out the interesting detail that the Fortnite Black Hole event was in October 2019 while the baby boy is expected to arrive in September 2020. It means that the girl got pregnant only 2 months after their first meet. Such quick progress!

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Source: Reddit

The heartwarming and surprising story gives other single players a new hope that true love can be found anywhere, at any time. So keep the faith and game on!

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