After Season 3 of Fortnite started, fans have eagerly waiting for the introduction of cars in the popular battle royale game. For now, we know that the Fortnite map will be modified and the new changes will allow a better road system for cars. Excited? We also have another good news for you and that is the release date of the new update.

Fortnite Season 3 Update
Epic Games will reportedly release a new update to Fortnite very soon.

At the moment, the Fortnite Season 3 map is larger underwater. However, based on the trailer, we already know that will not be the case in the upcoming update and will be able to drive cars on the map. For now, information on those cars has emerged online, including different types of cars, their fuel, and also how many cars will be available in a match. 

So when will cars be released in Fortnite Season 3?

You might already know that the all-new racing LTM ‘Chrome’ will reportedly be the new mode Epic Games uses to introduce cars in Fortnite Season 3. Moreover, leakers around the world have also confirmed details on the fuel capacity of all four car models. 

Cars Coming To Fortnite
These could be the first four-car models coming to the game.

Now, an employee working at Epic Games has revealed some new information. In the game, users will not have to get to the nearest gas station to refill fuel. Instead, they can use mobile fueling equipment called ‘refill can’. Another thing the employee revealed was the name of the first four car models that will be introduced in Fortnite Season 3 on July 21st. They are called Whiplash, Prevalent, Mudflap, and Bear. 

Multiple data miners like FortTory, ShiinaBR, and TeoLeaks have also revealed some interesting pieces of information on the upcoming update. Even though these leaks have yet been confirmed by Epic Games, they seem to be pretty reliable and we won’t be surprised if they turn out to be true.