Recently, the largest live-streaming platform for gamers Twitch has sparked controversies for banning Dr Witnesser, a popular Fortnite streamer for preaching religions while talking about the game to other impressionable teenage players who he came across.

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Dr Witnesser Twitch
Dr Witnesser was banned from Twitch for insulting a Muslim boy

Dr Witnesser gets banned for 'bringing the gospel to gamers'

While most games include no religious background, the Christian streamer tried to navigate the center of attention to the sensitive and controversial topic. In fact, he was said to ‘bring the gospel to gamers.’ In addition to that, he was also alleged of insulting a Muslim boy, saying he was ‘going to hell’ as he didn’t believe in Christianity.

Dr Witnesser didn’t have to wait for so long before getting banned temporarily. According to moderators, he violated Twitch TOS and won’t be able to get his account back after the next seven days. Check out the video:

The heated argument between Dr Witnesser and other streamers

In response to the decision of Twitch, the acclaimed streamer took a fireback by accusing the streaming site of trying to cancel Christianity. The case drew the attention of many other Fortnite streamers including Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman who praised the streaming platform for ‘doing the right thing’ while adding that it is not the right place to preach about religion.

The two streamers stirred up a debate about this sensitive and controversial topic in a series of tweets, check them out right below:

Twitch Twitch 2

While Dr Witnesser held a strong belief that everyone will go to hell if they don’t put faith in God, Dakotaz also stayed solid claiming that we’re not allowed to talk about religion to someone’s kids without the permission of their parents.

Apart from Dakotaz, other streamers also got upset with Dr Witnesser’s behavior. Lake Jucy, the host of popular Youtube channel Esport Talk also claimed that it has never been the right thing of either forcing others to stand on the same point of view or igniting a religious debate on Fortnite. As most Fortnite players are young children coming from all parts of the world with different religions, it’s inevitable for them to run into other players who are in other religions and cultures.

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Most of Fortnite players are kids coming from different regions and religions

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