Dr Disrespect or Herschel Beahm IV is known as a Twitch streamer of first-person shooter games. Watchers don’t just get impressed by his brutal playstyle but also his harsh words about current issues in the game he has gone live.

Dr. Disrespect
Dr Disrespect even doesn't know why he has got a ban from Twitch.

A few days ago, Dr Disrespect made a post on Twitter relating to his being banned once again on Twitch. According to other streamers, Twitch hasn’t given any specific reason for this ban. In the past, Dr Disrespect was banned in 2019 due to his live-streaming session from a public toilet at the E3 event. However, some sources reveal that the latest ban may last forever.

Dr Disrespect Banned
He posted a tweet to reveal Twitch's decision to the online gaming community and send a bunch of thanks to his supporters.

Herschel Beahm is rumored to involve a DMCA violation. However, Twitch users all know that the violation of DMCA just leads to a temporary ban, and therefore, it is likely that something more serious has taken place. The only thing Twitch notified him was to return money for those who have followed and supported for Doc during the recent time.

What is the actual reason behind Twitch's decision? Dr Disrespect has still waited for an explanation.

In a bid to ask for a more specific explanation, Dr Disrespect has tried to contact Twitch but just received vague answers. Accordingly, the platform said that it would take corresponding actions as finding out any streamer who violates the community guidelines or terms of service.

In this case, many users decide to stand by Dr Disrespect’s side and require Twitch to give a suitable reason for this permanent ban.

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