Becoming a successful streamer with the prominent beauty and a sexy body may be a sweet dream of many girls. However, Yeon Nabi - a popular streamer in Korea seems to have another idea. Although she can become a star and has gained some certain successes, this streamer is willing to give up everything to pursue her dream as a nurse.

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Nabi has a cutie and sweetie face, sparkling eyes, white skin, and an alluring body. It takes as no surprise that she has rapidly made a strong impression on the Internet. Nabi has unleashed the madness amongst the netizens via her live streams.

She started her career as a streamer last year, but she has collected a huge number of fans - that helps her become one of the most impressive newbies in the streaming community in Korea. Furthermore, it worth mentioning that besides being a streamer, Nabi also works as a talented photo model and coser.

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There have been more than 30.4k followers on her Instagram page, about 4.09 subscribers on YouTube, and 48k followers on Twitch. What she now has is a dream of many female streamers.

Many may be surprised that although she has gained lots of success in her current career, Nabi apparently has no intention to follow this way for her whole life. It can be undeniable that she can earn lots of money if she continues to stream on the online platforms.

However, this streamer reveals that she wishes to practice what she learned at the university and become a nurse someday. Nabi is obviously a brave and lovely girl, isn’t she? Hopefully, she will be successful on the journey to pursue her dream!

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