The main character in our story is Xiaomi - a popular and beautiful streamer on Douyu. She is known as one of the outstanding LoL female gamers with good performances and interaction with fans; however, it’s just the world behind the computer screen. In real life, Xiaomi looks like any other girl with a lot of fear. This fact has just shown via a recent incident in which she had an embarrassing experience while joining a dangerous challenge in a reality show.

Streamer Xiaomi

Accordingly, in the latest show, the female streamer, along with her teammates, accepted the challenge of bungee jumping. Although bungee jumping isn’t considered as a very dangerous activity and Xiaomi also wore the full protective equipment, she couldn’t win her fear. It was clearly shown when she hit the climax and started to flop sweat, even her face went green.

Before starting the bungee jumping.

It’s not hard to guess what then happened when the female streamer couldn’t go down on her own and accepted the free fall to the protection mattress pad below. However, it worth mentioning that after her fall, her teammates and cameramen suddenly discovered a mysterious puddle on the mattress pad that used to be 100% dry a few moments before she landed.

Xiaomi 1
She free fell on the pad.

It seemed that the beautiful streamer immediately realized her “trouble”. When just landing on the mattress pad, she shakily stood up and burst into tears while moving. Xiaomi even covered her face with hands and required the cameramen not to record her. This is the first time she participated in an outside event but she had a bad experience. The streamer was apparently too fragile to join such challenges.

Xiaomi 2
What was the puddle?

Her story has gone viral and attracted lots of attention on the Internet. Many just wonder what the mysterious puddle was on the pad while others gave a big support to her. They said it may be just her sweat or tears. No one could reveal the truth behind this incident, but Xiaomi should think twice when joining any challenge in reality shows in the upcoming time.

Xiaomi 3
Poor Xiaomi!

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