Streamer Tessi has been under controversy after she mocked a cancer patient on a live stream. While netizens have kept expressing hate to her, Tessi once again has drawn much negative attention when she abused her cat and said that she wanted to throw it away.

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Why Does Twitch Streamer Tessi Gain Much Hate?

Tessi has a cat called Molly. On some live streams, netizens witnessed this streamer considering her pet as a prop. She even threw the cat away from her lap in front of thousands of viewers who immediately heard the sound of Molly falling to the ground.

Tessi stated that she didn’t have an intention to hurt Molly; however, netizens obviously couldn’t believe in any of her words. The cute pet has been considered a prop many times by its cruel owner.

The female streamer revealed that she wants to abandon Molly because the pet always loves following her and her apartment isn’t large enough. She even bans the cat from going inside her apartment with the hope to make it get away.

Not only viewers but also cat lovers show their dislikes to this streamer on her YouTube channel. Many frankly said that Molly deserves a better owner than her current owner, Tessi.

Tessi Father
Tessi's father banned her from returning home.

Meanwhile, others wonder why she adopted the pet in the past. But it is obvious that all netizens agree that Molly can receive better custody from another owner, instead of Tessi. The cat should be kept away from Tessi before the incidents in question can go further.

Not long before, Tessi called the police and even drew her younger sister on her live stream, leading her father’s anger. Her father Jeremy said that he banned Tessi from returning home. Jeremy then gave an explanation to netizens and also revealed what he has faced as a single parent. Furthermore, his older daughter spreads a lot of fake news about him, for example, he is unemployed, but the truth is completely different. Jeremy turns out to be a cybersecurity expert.

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