Born in 1995, Chloe Zhou is known as a popular streamer and hot girl who hails from Guangdong Province, China. She now works as a streamer on DouyuTV - a top-leading channel that specializes in providing music and games in the land with over 1 billion citizens.


The first impression Chloe has made on others comes from her pure and feminine beauty. Before entering the streaming community, the 1995-born girl gained a lot of love and support on social networks. At present, her page has attracted more than 40 lakh followers.

Within only two days on live streams, Chloe won the hearts of many netizens due to her outstanding appearance and skillful ability to play games. In the past, she was recognized as one member of a pro LoL team. The netizens sometimes call her the goddess in the streaming community in China.

Furthermore, the beautiful streamer has a sweet and touching voice. On her private page, she often posts her videos of covering the famous songs by Jay Chow or Faye Wong in an austere style. Faye Wong in the streaming community is another nickname of the 1995-born hot girl.

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With her sweet voice and impressive videos, her cover videos attract millions of views and positive comments from netizens. Many believe that Chloe may receive a lot of support if she becomes a singer.

However, the luck, in fact, doesn’t smile a lot at the 25-year-old streamer when she steps on the path in the art career maze. According to Sina, her weak points come from her not high popularity. Although her videos of playing games or covering hot songs have tens of millions of views, Chloe has just been popular with a certain group of viewers. Her media index isn’t apparently as optimistic as she and her fans expect.

That doesn’t mean Chloe Zhou stops pursuing music because she has continued to create and post many new cover videos on her private page. Additionally, she is one of the Chinese female streamers who are famous for not utilizing filters to edit her images on live streams.

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