Born in 1995, Yuan Yuan or Wu Jiean is a popular female streamer in Taiwan. On social networks, she has attracted nearly 10 lakh followers. Before becoming a streamer, she was known for working as a model photo and hot girl in Asian countries.

Yuan Yuan 1

Impressed by her sexy and sweet appearance, fans love calling her the streamer goddess. Since 2018, the young girl has taken part in more than 10 entertainment TV programs and variety shows in China. These shows also help her win the hearts of the audience more easily.

While fans are first seduced by her naïve face, it can be undeniable that Yuan Yuan has a hot body with perfect breast - waist - hip measurements. A few years ago, she started to team up with some of her friends to open a fashion shop and rapidly gain certain success due to her own lingerie brand.

Yuan Yuan 2

Back in 2018, Yuan Yuan released her first picture book. In the two following years, the hot girl has continued to release two other picture books that were made in Tokyo, Japan. All of these picture books were sold out after a few days of their releases.

According to ET Today, her release and book-signing events have drawn huge attention from male fans. Her latest picture book brings a lot of lively colors. Yuan Yuan revealed that this product should be considered as her own discoveries on her journey to adulthood.

Yuan Yuan 5

In recent days, Yuan Yuan has started to move to the acting world. She has participated in some movie and drama projects. Her pure beauty helps her easily receive a lot of support from the netizens. She is also known as the muse in the streaming community due to her absolute advantages.

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