It’s not the first time netizens have heard about Twitch streamers falling asleep on live streams. Some actually had a long-hour stream, leading to their oversleeping accidentally while others consider sleeping on streams as a trick to cause a stir on the Internet. Who are they? The following will reveal some of such streamers on Twitch.

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Asian Andy

Asian Andy made $16,000 after a 7-hour sleeping stream. On this stream, his viewers sent him weird and noisy messages to prevent him from sleeping. However, the streamer just woke up a few moments and still had a good sleep.


The Twitch streamer with over 13 lakh followers JustaMinx experienced a sleeping stream that, as she then said, became a horrible idea. Her stream was flooded with songs, jumpscares, creepy videos, and noisy donations. Till 6 am, a jumpscare successfully woke her up and put an end to her stream.


Unlike other streamers on this list, OMGchad had no intention to start a sleeping stream. While he was sleeping, his cat accidentally turned on his streaming channel by stepping on the hotkey. About 10 minutes later, one of his friends called him to reveal what’s going on. OMGchad then ended his stream.

OMGchad accidentally had a sleeping stream.


The next name on this list is YuriJoa, a Twitch streamer with more than 87k followers. She often streams playing some popular games including League of Legends, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and PUBG. On a stream, she was caught being in a peaceful sleep; however, one of her viewers decided to ruin her sleep by sending a deafening scream. Instead of becoming angry with her viewer, YuriJoa just burst into laughter.

YuriJoa was on a peaceful sleep before a creepy noise came out.


Last year, Twomad had a sleeping stream in front of thousands of his viewers. The streamer obviously couldn’t sleep well because there were too many noisy voices, weird music, donations, and more. It may be the last time Twomad wants to sleep on his streams.

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