For many streamers, the hardest thing about this job is to keep coming up with new ideas and content to entertain their viewers. ET is a new streamer who just getting into streaming. She is a beautiful girl who can sing and dance but she is still struggling to get more viewers on her stream.

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ET is a beautiful girl who can sing and dance but her stream doesn't grow fast
ET has tried many thing but not have worked very well so far

Even though she has been trying new content and be creative, there wasn't anything that makes her stand out. Until one day, ET was tired and wanted to end the stream early but she forgot to close it.

She ended up sleeping on her bed on the stream for 5 hours and got a big surprise when she woke up. There were 15,000 viewers watching the stream and she got $3,800 donation, which has never happened before to her and it is also a number that many streamers dream of.

ET falls asleep on the bed on the stream for 5 hours
She didn't wake up even though the cat jumped over her

It is such an irony that her viewers love watching her while sleeping rather than watching her sing and dance. Now, she is quite confused about that she should stream normally or sleep on the stream like the last time.

ET posts this exciting experience on her social media

For many people who don't know, sleeping on stream is actually one of the hottest trends of Twitch streamers at the moment. Many streamers would sleep on the stream and let the viewers disrupt their sleep by donating with an annoying message or sound.

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