Over time, streamers and YouTubers tend to develop a variety of In-Real-Life content on the Internet, from cooking, cleaning the house to make decorations. That’s why the female YouTuber in the following incident successfully manages to attract hundreds of thousands of views via a makeup stream.

Hot Korean YouTuber Yoo Hye-Ji.

The girl in question is Hye Ji, a YouTuber from Korea. With a beautiful face and sexy shape, Hye Ji often posts her alluring photos on social networks and stuns netizens. Not long before, she posted a photo showing herself in see-through clothes that draws huge attention on the Internet.

Hye Ji then created a video to instruct how to apply makeup like on her photos. It worth mentioning that apart from the complete makeup guide, the hot YouTuber really put on the transparent clothes as a bonus to her viewers. She said she hoped her netizens could give the best comparison before and after her makeup.

Right after her videos went viral on the Internet, it came as a great shock to netizens, leading to a lot of controversies. Some said that the YouTuber obviously aimed to earn more popularity by showing off her body and she deserved much hate. Meanwhile, others stated that Hye Ji became more beautiful after changing her clothes.

Streamer 4

No one knows whether Hye Ji continues to create more daring content like the video in question or not. However, it is obvious that after this video, the number of subscribers on her YouTube channel has surged. In recent two weeks, since its release, she has attracted more than 80k new subscribers on her channel.

Streamer 3
Before and after makeup.

Streamer 1

Streamer 2

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