Not long before, Chinese media reported that a young female streamer suddenly died of alcohol poisoning. Accordingly, on a live stream, she held an event to spin the wheel of mayhem with many options including 2 liters of alcohol and other kinds of food.

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With each donation from viewers, the streamer would spin the wheel once. Depending on the results and the values of her viewers’ donations, she would eat or drink something in a corresponding amount.

Everything was still OK until the needle stopped at the alcohol drinking option. The streamer didn’t hesitate to mix two bottles of alcohol into a small sink and as requested by her viewers, she even added eggs and mustard to the sink.

Streamer 1

In the excitement of the viewers, she had a long drink, and it’s the moment everything went beyond her control. Her face started to turn pale; however, just thinking that it was a side effect after drinking alcohol, she even kept asking her viewers to send her more donations.

A few moments later, she suddenly collapsed onto the table. When she looked at the camera, thousands of her viewers felt very shocked to see her face. They started to panic and feel afraid of what’s going on with the streamer. She then tried to stand up but her efforts didn’t work. She fell on the floor.

Realizing that there was something wrong, the viewers immediately called the police for help with the hope to save the female streamer. It was a great pity that everything was too late. After an investigation, the police reported that the victim took Cephalosporins before the live stream, leading to her alcohol poisoning that then stole her life.

The incident in question reminds us that although it is important to earn livings, we should respect your life and put it first. Hopefully, there will be no streamers to lose their lives pitifully like this girl.

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