Bollywood diva Poonam Pandey has turned 29 yesterday, March 11th. On her 29th birthday celebration, let’s take a look at these hottest photos from ‘Malini & Co’. These sexy looks of the actress will definitely blow your mind.  

Poonam Pandey’s 29th Birthday Celebration With ‘Malini & Co’ Photoshoot

This sexy Indian actress has just celebrated her 29th birthday on March 11th. Poonam is a popular name in the Indian film industry not only for her beauty but also for her bold personality. The actress has frequently posted many mind-blowing photos of her on social media since she worked as a model.

Poonam Pandey In Saree
The actress in a saree

Then, she became famous and made her debut in the Bollywood film ‘Nasha’ (2013). Over 7 years of an acting career, Poonam attended three Hindi films and a Telugu hit ‘Malini & Co’. She often shakes the internet with lots of hot photos and videos on social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Poonam Pandey 2
She shared lots of mind-blowing pictures on social media

Poonam Pandey has a spicy body shape and she never feels shy to show off it in sexy outfits. She once promised to strip naked if the Indian national cricket team bring home the 2011 World Cup trophy. However, she couldn’t keep her promise due to a lack of permission from many Boards.

Poonam Pandey
She is hot and spicy in this red outfits

However, she still became massively popular on the internet. Some movie reviewers even commented that it’s Poonam’s craze that brought good box-office collection for ‘Nasha’.

Poonam Pandey 9
She has a beautiful and sexy body

Besides, she entered the top nine in 2010’s Gladrags Manhunt and Mega model Contest. The actress also appeared on magazine covers and many calendars. It’s obvious that Poonam Pandey achieved great fame in Bollywood and social media. She has 30 lakh followers on Instagram and nearly 10 lakh followers on Twitter.

Poonam Panday 20
A sexy look of Poonam Pandey

She often shares lots of alluring photos of her in ethnic sarees or jaw-dropping pictures of her in swimsuits or voluptuous and sexy bikinis.

Poonam Pandey 8

Poonam Pandey 7

Poonam Pandey 5

Poonam Pandey 4

Poonam Pandey 3

Poonam Pandey In Malini Co

Poonam Pandey 6

Poonam Pandey 1

Poonam 10

Poonam 7

Poonam 6

Poonam 5

Poonam 4

Poonam 3

Poonam 3

Poonam 2

Poonam 1

Poonam 9