Last weekend, two young men got hit by the Hyderabad-Ajmer train in Hingoli, India. Their bodies were found after one day near the railway by residents. They are Nagesh Gore (24 years old) and Swapnil Annapurne (22 years old). According to the police, the two men were playing PUBG Mobile late at night when the train came.

The Hyderabad-Ajmer train in Hingoli, India

This news once again raises the persistent problem of PUBG addiction in India. PUBG is the most played game which has attracted a huge number of fans in India. However, this popularity is not supported by both parents and the public. This game is accused of causing increased violence and self-harm among players, negatively affect the young generation.

PUBG is going to be banned in more cities in India

Gujarat is the first stage in India starts to ban PUBG. Last week, police arrested 19 people for playing PUBG. In response to this ban and arrest events, PUGB Mobile has released a statement:

“We were surprised to learn that local authorities in a few cities have decided to impose a ban on playing our game. We are working to understand the legal basis of such bans, and hope we can have a constructive dialogue with relevant authorities to explain our objectives and that they withdraw the prohibition. To PUBG Mobile players, we want to assure you that we are on your side and we will try our best to find a reasonable solution.”

In another statement to relieve the Indians, PUBG confirmed to be working on a solution to this matter and promise to bring a healthy experience. They are also developing new features to help players enjoy PUBG in an appropriate manner. This can be a mechanic that limits playtime for young people.

PUBG Corp should find a solution as soon as possible or they will lose their biggest market.

Indian authorities often pay attention to potential dangers which are harmful to the youth. Recently, the Gujarat government has banned an internet hoax the “Momo challenge” which involves suicide matter. Hopefully, the Indian government and PUBG Corp will soon find the solution to this PUBG addiction in order to let people keep enjoying this game for entertainment in the future.