Rashami Desai, 34, is a renowned Indian TV actress for her lead role in the popular TV show Dil Se Dil Tak. She was last seen in a recent reality show Big Boss 13. Recently, in an exclusive interview for the Women’s Day news, the actress talked about body shaming. Rashami spoke that she is never shy of her cleavage and weight.

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Beautiful TV actress Rashima Desai

Rashami Desai is a talented TV actress. She has been through many thick and thin in her life as well as her acting career. However, with great attempt and talent in acting, she has become a popular name in Indian small screen. In the exclusive interview with Time of India, Rashami said she has been trolled a lot for her weight, size, hair, make-up, clothes, or cleavage.

Rashami Desai On Women’s Day Interview

The actress said her weight often fluctuates, sometimes she gains, and sometimes she loses it. Many people experience this problem. She also said she had been trolled for her weight, clothes, or dance for many times. However, Rashami never feels ashamed about it. She said it was her body, her choice, and she would do anything she thought it’s right.

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She looks stunning and charming

The actress of Dil Se Dil Tak is a little bit chubby, but she’s still beautiful, charming, and sexy in her appearance. It’s her confidence making her shining and stunning in every photo.

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A dreamy look of the actress

Talking about the importance of Women’s Day, she said we had better celebrate it every day. The actress also praised and honored women as powerful and multi-tasking people. Women play a lot of roles in daily life, such as daughter, mother, wife, professionals in many fields, and contribute to society a lot.

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Her confidence makes her look shining and stunning in every photo.

Being asked about the disparity in earning, she said she had never or would never compare her salary with male actors. She also shared many difficult experiences during her teenager-hood. Dil Se Dil Tak’s actress said she’s calmer now and also stronger after Bigg Boss 13.

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Rashami Desai Sexy And Alluring

Rashami Desai Sexy Look

Rashami Desai Beautiful

Rashami Desai Alluring

Rashami Desai Charming Look

Chubby And Lovely

Great Attempt And Talent In Acting

Rashami Desai Looks Shining And Stunning