The hot streamer in question is known as Ruffian, a well-known emotional blogger who was born in 1997 in Jilin, China. She now works as a Douyin streamer with more than 10.4 crore fans while her Weibo page attracts over 12 lakh followers.

Streamer 2
Ruffian is a familiar name in the community of motorbike and car fans.

The 1997-born streamer started her passion for collecting supercars and motorbikes 9 years ago. And the total number of her own vehicles hit dozens. Each of her sports motorbikes is estimated at many lakhs of Rupees to crores of Rupees.

That’s not enough. Netizens have witnessed this female streamer showing her latest sexy photos along with luxury cars or motorbikes on social networks. Apart from her outstanding appearance, it is obvious that Ruffian has made her fans’ hearts race with her impressive collection.

Streamer 1
A beautiful streamer...

Ruffian has also gained a lot of popularity in the Chinese community of motorbike fans. That’s why her photos showing her standing next to sports motorbikes always receive a storm of likes and comments on the Internet.

Besides motorbikes, the beautiful streamer has a special passion for collecting expensive cars. It seems that she is always ready to return to the track. Here are some of the luxury cars in her collection:

 falls in love with motorbikes and high speed.

Streamer 3

Streamer 6
Many wish to have a desirable collection like her.
Streamer 9
Her photos next to a motorbike draw much attention from netizens.

It can be undeniable that Ruffian’s sexy shape is also one of the biggest advantages to help her earn millions of fans on social networks. Let’s take a quick look at her hot photos right now:

Streamer 3

Streamer 5
Fans, as well as netizens, can't get enough of her photos.

Streamer 7

Streamer 8

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