Born in 1998, Huo Xian Mei is known as a hot streamer from Hunan, China. Fans have got familiar with her playing some popular games such as CrossFire, Honor Of Kings, and PUBG on Kwai. Her nickname is hxm666666.


Huo Xian Mei has a lovely look and sweet voice that helps her win the hearts of many gamers and viewers across the world. The 1.6m-tall streamer pursues Lolita style and is good at singing and of course, streaming games. It’s not hard to explain why she has had a large number of fans on social networks.

Streamer 1

However, in recent days, Huo Xian Mei has made a terrible mistake that she may wish she had never done if she could return the past. To get more specific, the hot streamer with chubby cheeks accidentally revealed her face without any makeup or filter.


Fans sometimes catch a few moments the female streamer appears with chubby cheeks.

Huo Xian Mei Face

That’s true. Fans were shocked when realizing that their lovely streamer depends much on filters, as well as photo editing apps. They all felt betrayed and frightened. Many even decided to leave the fandom.

Face Huo Xian Mei
With her lovely face and good gaming skills, Huo Xian Mei has drawn huge attention from the netizens.
Hxm666666 Face
However, in this pic, the camera accidentally exposes her tired-looking face. A big shock to her fans!!!
The pic also reveals another less beautiful version of this streamer.

It is obvious that Huo Xian Mei is not the only female streamer who hides her real face on purpose to earn more fame and views from the netizens. In fact, lots of Chinese hot girls have faced a wave of boycotts after they reveal their faces that are completely different from their stunning photos on social networks.

Huo Xian Mei

Huo Xian Mei Song

Huo Xian Mei Tiktok

Streamer 1

Streamer 2

Streamer 3

Streamer China

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