For any couple, a kiss is always considered as one of the best ways to express their true and sexy love. And it is also the latest topic of a Korean YouTuber nicknamed Minifani. In a 10-minute video, she unleashed the madness amongst the netizens when performing up to 25 different ways to have a perfect kiss, from a simple way to passionate and seductive ones.

25 Ways Kiss

To get more specific, a clip named Kiss Challenge rapidly draw huge attention from the netizens. Of course, a large number of views felt curious about its interesting content while others fall in love with the YouTuber’s beautiful and sexy face.

Youtuber Korea

It worth mentioning that from the very first moment to the end of the video, the YouTuber always takes the initiative and doesn’t feel embarrassed at all as if she and her fellow actor is a real couple. In some scenes, she even performs a variety of perfect kisses as a collarbone kiss, Spider-man upside-down kiss, and more. Of course, she managed to drive her fans crazy.

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Kiss 2

Kiss 3

Kiss 4

Kiss 5

Although the video with 25 different ways to kiss just lasts more than 10 minutes, it immediately went viral on social networks. And the female YouTuber from Korea also received lots of mixed opinions. The majority felt extremely excited and even admitted that they must try all of these kisses with their girlfriends if they have a chance.

Meanwhile, others felt jealous and declared that watching this video was a terrible punishment for those who are now single or even haven’t had a close relationship with a girl.

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