Female streamers are now willing to dress sexy clothes on live streams as the simplest method to earn more views and donations on the Internet. However, the amount of viewers is never the only factor they want to pay attention to. And one of the easiest ways to earn more donations from fans is by accepting challenges fans send them via donation messages. A few days ago, a beautiful streamer rocked the netizens by not only appearing in sexy clothes but also accepting an awkward request from her fans.

Choi Hayan

She is Choi Hayan - a hot streamer on Afreeca TV. Like many other female streamers, Choi Hayan has a beautiful face and sexy body - two of the most priorities that help her win the hearts on the Internet. She never hesitates to show off her smooth figure in eye-catching clothes on live streams. And this time is not an exception when the streamer dressed in an alluring two-string shirt and immediately attracted all viewers from the very first sight. However, the most impressive moment came from when she decided to do a special mission given by her big fans.

Choi Hayan 1

To get more specific, one crazy fan of Choi Hayan donated a small amount to the streamer with a challenge message saying that if she could drink a soju with one shot within 24 seconds, he would give her up to 5k balloons. According to the platform’s rules, if she received 5k balloons from fans, Hayan would earn at least 300k won (about Rs19k) (all commissions were paid).

Choi Hayan 2

Many thought that the beautiful streamer would refuse this partly weird request. However, the truth was completely different. She decided to accept the challenge and even asked the viewers to determine what she held was a real soju.

Choi Hayan 3

And then, a series of her moves made the netizens deeply surprised. From opening the cap, lifting the bottle up, to taking a single turn, the streamer even turned the bottle upside down. Her all moves were conducted even below 24 seconds. Some fans hilariously said that they even couldn’t drink water as fast as their idol.

However, the streamer’s behavior also received a lot of criticisms from some netizens who felt uncomfortable when she easily accepted such a weird challenge to earn donations from fans.

Streamer 1

Streamer 2

Streamer 3

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