Many may hear about the recent rumors relating to a key change in team Fnatic in the PUBG Mobile community. This time, these rumors turn true. Ronak, as a support player and sniper in Fnatic, has just confirmed that he left the team. His announcement was given on his Instagram story.


At the beginning of this year, Fnatic didn’t gain any success at the PUBG Mobile Premier League and had no chance to reach the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Finals. Additionally, another piece of evidence came from the fact that Franky787 appeared as Ronak’s replacement. That means Fnatic was looking for alternative support players and snipers.

Before the PUBG Mobile Series (PMIS) took place, GiLL left Nova Godlike, and the chance was moved to Ronak. Fnatic has conducted a series of testing and trial to form its best line-up in the future.

Ronak Instagram
Ronak posted on his Instagram story.

Ronak always gets high appreciations from the PUBG Mobile community in India. Some of his successes include two championships at the PUBG Mobile Club Open and PUBG Mobile Series (as a member of Team Soul) and championship at the PUBG Mobile All-Stars (PMAS) (as a member of Fnatic). Ronak has obviously made a great contribution to his team during his career.

Additionally, Ronak won three individual awards as championships. This talent sniper is also recognized as the only PUBG Mobile player to reach this achievement, along with Owais. He must earn more success in the future. He will soon return and become more powerful than ever.

For those who are unaware of Fnatic, this pro eSport organization comes from Europe and then joins in the Indian PUBG Mobile community. Fnatic signed Xspark’s roster including Owais, Ronak, Scout, and some other outstanding players in India. In the beginning, this team didn’t gain success as expected and couldn’t reach the PMCO Fall Global 2019. However, it then won the PMAS 2019 and ranked No.2 at the PMIS 2020.