The main character in our story is Ellin - a Kpop idol who is also known as the former member of the Crayon Pop band. In recent days, the world has kept fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and tried their best to find out the vaccine as soon as possible. This fatal virus doesn’t just steal the lives of many people but it also causes unemployment in many countries. That’s why lots of Kpop idols and hot girls start to work as a YouTuber, and Ellin is the same.

Crayon Pop Ellin now works as a streamer and a YouTuber.

However, a few days ago, the netizens got a big shock at this beautiful Kpop idol when she introduced an adult toy store near her house, instead of posting videos of her singing or dancing or interacting with her fans.

Ellin Adult Store

To get more specific, in her video, Ellin didn’t just visit the store but she also introduced a series of products relating to the sex life of adults. Notably, she boldly admitted that our society has become more modern and people shouldn’t feel as shy as they used to when mentioning such topics. And that’s her main purpose when creating this video. She also knew that many must still feel curious and awkward, as well as lack the fundamental knowledge about 18+ toys at adult stores.

Ellin Experience

Ellin Soft Pad

It’s not surprising that her video has rapidly gone viral on social networks and become the hot topic of a large number of the netizens. It also receives lots of mixed reviews. Many say that there is no issue in her content and they are willing to protect this Kpop idol from violent criticisms. However, some express their concerns about what’s waiting for her because the Korean showbiz tends to be severe upon such sensitive issues.

Ellin Crayon Pop

Ellin Felt Shy

Ellin Kpop

Ellin kpop idol

At the end of her YouTube video, Ellin seemingly showed her confidence and announced that she spent 500,000 KRW (about Rs31,554) purchasing some toys at that adult store. And of course, she didn’t reveal to anyone what she bought.

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