Best comedy movies for adults are always the favorite spiritual food of a large number of audiences across the world. Full of funny but still humane content, such comedy movies have won our hearts. Here are some of the best comedy films for adults you should consider. They include Central Intelligence, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Heat, and more.

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Best Comedy Movies For Adults (1/2)

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence hit the wide screens on June 17, 2016. It revolves around a CIA agent who specializes in working as a spy to punish cunning criminals. Along with Dwayne Johnson’s good performance, Central Intelligence was a box office success with the grossing of $217 million.

The movie mentions an exciting investigation of two friends after a class meeting. They team up with each other to handle many terrorisms. Bob - a secret CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson) - is known as a dangerous character to any criminal although he used to be bullied by his schoolmates due to his bad look. Meanwhile, Kevin Hart who used to draw all attention from the surroundings now works as an accountant and regrets his past golden age.

Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence.

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Mrs. Doubtfire

With the 120-minute running time, Mrs. Doubtfire reminds us of thinking more about our family. For some reason, a father doesn’t succeed in gaining custody of his children. That’s why Daniel plays the role of a difficult old housekeeper on purpose to meet his lovely children.

A chain of funny situations but full of love for the family takes place. At middle age, Daniel Hillard almost loses custody and can only meet them once a week. That’s not enough for this poor dad. Daniel does everything to get closer to his babies, and therefore, the audiences can realize better the importance of family inside their hearts.

The Heat

As one of the best comedy movies for young adults, The Heat manages to occupy one spot on the list of 10 highest-grossing movies of all time. With the 120-minute running time, this movie revolves around two policewomen on a mission. There’s nothing to discuss if Sarah Ashburn and Shannon Mullins are actually a couple at the beginning.

While one is very intelligent and cautious, the second one is always impetuous and touchy. They first don’t like each other, as usual, but they gradually find out a common voice. In spite of the differences in their characteristics, they finally make a miracle when seizing a notorious drug baron.

The Heat
The Heat.

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Best Comedy Movies For Adults (1/2)


Although Ghostbusters doesn’t belong to the list of best comedy movies for adults 2020, it used to rock the box office at the time when it was released in July 2016. Until now, this movie has kept remaining its attraction towards audiences across the world.

Ghostbusters revolves around two students at Columbia University and a salesman who become demon exterminators. A series of spooky events take place and a group of friends decides to form a team of demon exterminators. This movie also stars Thunder God Chris Hemsworth as a secretary.

best comedy movies for adults

The Gods Must Be Crazy

When it comes to the best comedy movies for adults, you shouldn’t miss The Gods Must Be Crazy - the movie that brings director Jamie Uys’s fame to the cinematic world. Released in 1980, The Gods Must Be Crazy revolves around an aboriginal boy called Xi who discovered a Coke bottle falling from the sky.

The movie includes a chain of hilarious scenes that are enough for even the most difficult audiences to watch many times. The Gods Must Be Crazy received lots of awards and earned a huge gross of over $100 million across the world.

Xi’s San tribe lives separately in the Kalahari Desert. They never get familiar with what’s happening in modern society. The whole tribe first faces the trouble when a Coke bottle is dropped from the airplane to their land. Believing that it is a gift from the Gods, people in the tribe try to own and use it. Watch this movie to know what happens to Xi’s tribe.

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The Croods

The Croods has been amongst the best animated comedy movies for adults in recent years. Dreamworks Animation managed to create witty and mischievous animated characters. The soundtrack of this movie also won the hearts of the little audiences, and partly helped this movie earn the gross of $109 million.

The Croods is set in the prehistoric period and revolves around the only and last family on Earth. They are still alive due to father Grug’s severe principle saying that they are never allowed to leave their cave or discover something new. Meanwhile, his teenage daughter Eep always feel curious about the surrounding world. Things start to change when she meets Guy - a funny guy with lots of strange inventions such as fire, shoes, and more. What Guy brings takes the Croods to an exciting and unique adventure.

The Croods
The Croods.

Nothing is better than watching the best comedy movies for adults when you have free time. The above movies must be amongst the best choices for you. Which movie on this list suits you the most? The Croods or The Gods Must Be Crazy? Or all movies on this list?!!

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