With good scripts and impressive cast, Korean romantic movies have unleashed the madness amongst the netizens across the world. And the viewers tend to prefer watching Korean romantic movie with English subtitles rather than with other subtitles.

Take a look at the list of Korean love movies English subtitles with Gurugamer.com!

Korean Romantic Movie With English Subtitles

Something In The Rain

Directed by Ahn Pan, Something In The Rain mustn’t disappoint fans when showing off the sweet love between Yoon Jin Ah and Seo Joon Hee.

Jin Ah, aged 30, gains some success in her career but doesn’t get the same luck in love. Joon Hee - elder brother of her close friend - falls in secret love with beautiful Jin Ah for a long time but he has never had a chance to express his feelings. Speaking of Jin Ah, she never considers Joon Hee as a mature guy until her heart flutters because of his warmth.

Korean romantic movie with English subtitles

Something In The Rain Poster

Memories Of The Alhambra

When fans get too familiar with such content as body swap or harem fights, director Ahn Gil Ho blows a new wind to Korean romantic movies with English subtitles full movie via the VR Game topic. In the virtual world of Memories Of The Alhambra, gamers have to transform into a character to complete missions.

On a journey to Spain to look for the virtual reality game creator, Jin-Woo (Huyn Bin) - CEO of an investment company - gets lost in a magical world and accidentally meets Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye). Things become more attractive via a series of mysterious scenes and majestic landscapes in Spain.

Memories Of The Alhambra
Memories Of The Alhambra.

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

The next name on the list of Korean romantic comedy movies with English subtitles full movie is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. It is produced based on Jung Kyung Yoon’s novel under the same name and directed by Park Joon Hwa. It is shown on the tvN cable television.

It revolves around a romantic love between Vice Chairman Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and beautiful secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young). After 9 years as a secretary, Kim Mi So feels exhausted and decides to quit the job. At that time, the boss suddenly realizes that he falls in love with this girl. The great performances of the A-list actors help this film break the record of ratings and even gain much more success than any other TV series.

Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim.

Korean Romantic Movie With English Subtitles

Because This Is My First Life

If you are looking for a Korean romantic movie with English Subtitles full episodes, Because This Is My First Life must be a perfect choice. No A-list actors, no blow-up from the media. It should be watched at least once in your life, especially when you now need to give a decision about marriage, love, and career.

This TV series revolves around Nam Se Hee (Lee Min-Ki) and Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min). Nam Se Hee, aged 38, is a quirky and single computer designer who works all day and night but can’t end up his poverty. Yoon Ji Ho, aged 30, a broke screenwriter who comes from a conservative family. The two strangers accidentally meet and become a housemate, and things get humorous but real.

Because Its My First Life
Because This Is My First Life.

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Tomorrow, With You

When Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) realizes that he can time travel, he also knows that his future seems dim. That’s why he decides to travel back the time to return the moment when he meets Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah) and marry her in a bid to change his fate.

Shin Min Ah’s comeback gets a warm welcome from fans across the world due to her outstanding look. The chemistry between Shin Min Ah and Lee Je Hoon is considered a great plus point to attract the audience. Also, Tomorrow, With You manages to spread a message of love and marriage via the life of two main characters and help us know more about the price of love.

Her Private Life

The last name on the list of Korean movies romantic comedy with English subtitles is Her Private Life. Kdrama fans must see themselves in the character Sung Dak Mi (Park Min Young). This romantic comedy TV series is produced based on famous webtoon Noona Fan Dot Come.

It revolves around the life of Sung Dak Mi - a real fangirl who works at the Cheum Museum Of Art. Fans must have lots of fun with her funny situations in front of her boss Ryan (Kim Tae Wook). As an office employee, Dak Mi has to keep secret that she is a crazy fangirl who manages the master fansite for idol Si An. Things become more interesting when her boss Ryan realizes her two-face life.

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The list of Korean romantic movie with English subtitles must last much longer and keep making fans across the world crazy. While waiting for the latest hot Korean TV series and movies, let’s enjoy the above list.

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