In recent days, a man in Indonesia has managed to attract lots of attention from the community when posting a land sale advertisement. Accordingly, the “attached file” for anyone who is willing to purchase his land is his hot and beautiful sister-in-law.

Sell Land

Via an advertisement on Facebook on July 28, the landowner Aris Sofiyanto wrote as below: He was in a hurry to sell a 72-square-meter plot in the Griya Taman Bahagia in Gondangmanis, Kudus. The road to the house is 5m long. The price is estimated at 100 million Indonesian Rupiah (about Rs5.12 lakh). It worths mentioning that he further noted that if any purchaser feels interested, he can make acquainted and even come to marriage with Aris’s sister-in-law - the woman who is looking forward to a serious relationship.

He also didn’t forget to attach the hot pics of his sister-in-law with the above post. Accordingly, his sister-in-law is Dewi Rosalia Indah. Right after that, his post got a huge number of shares; however, there were only a few people to express their interest in the land while most of them feel more excited about his sister-in-law.

Sister In Law
Aris's sister-in-law, Dewi.

In an interview with the media, Aris said that he didn’t have any intention to consider his sister-in-law as a tool to earn likes or views. In fact, the funny man just wants to sell the land and help her.

Speaking of Dewi, she confirmed that she agreed to allow her brother-in-law to post her pics on the land sale advertisement. It’s good for her to have a partner and it’s still OK if the land purchase doesn’t intend to come to a serious relationship with her.

Sister In Law Land

After the ad was posted, Dewi received hundreds of friend requests within a few days, even some guys from Singapore also commented that they were willing to express their feeling with her and marry her. However, Dewi refused all.

Dewi revealed that she divorced her first husband four years ago and her second husband, Aris Sofiyanto’s brother, unluckily passed away 08 months ago.

She said that she got a failure two times in marriage, and therefore, she now wants to look for someone who is good enough and willing to comprehend and sympathize with her past.