The OB23 update has just rolled out in Free Fire with tons of new updates, contents, and features. But the fun is not going to stop there as Garena already has the plan full of events for the upcoming month for players. Here is the full roadmap of Free Fire events in August.

Elite Pass Season 27 Pre-Order (July 29 To 31)

Free Fire players who pre-order the Season 27 Elite Pass will be able to obtain an exclusive Japanese mask.

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Pre-order the Season 27 Elite Pass for exclusive features and rewards

Elite Pass Challenge (July 29 To August 2)

Elite Pass users can earn loot crates when they defeat other players.

Era Of Gold Diamond Royale (July 30 To August 25)

This event will be going on for the entire duration of August. Players will have the chance to earn the Era of Gold outfit in this event which is a black and gold look and a matching mask.

Cold Steel Mode Comeback (July 31 To August 6)

Cold Steel Mode will be coming back to Free Fire again for a week. In this mode, there are no guns and players can only fight against each other by throwing knives which require a lot of skills.

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You will be using throwing knives to fight in this mode

Power Balance Event (July 31 To August 18)

You can get up to 2 grand prizes from this event. There are 2 sides. Whenever you charge up a random amount of Power will be added to that side. You can charge up to 7 times each side to get a Blazing Heart or Flashing Spade. If the amount of Power of both sides is equal, you can get both sets.

Order Challenger Groza Weapon Royale (July 31 To August 18)

You will have a chance to earn the unique Order Challenger Groza in this new Order Challenger Groza Weapon Royale.

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Join the event to get this exclusive skin Order Challenger Groza

Bright August Event (August 2 To August 15)

You can get up to 16 crates from the Bright August Event every day and all you have to do is play the game normally to survive and get more kills.

Steffi Graffitti (August 4 To August 10)

You will be able to get football jerseys from this Steffi Graffitti event. The name of this event seems to mention the Steffi character in Free Fire and her skill which spray Grafitti.

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