PUBG Mobile is one of the few giants in the world’s mobile gaming scene as of now. The title constantly introduces new features and events to attract new players, as well as to keep the veterans intrigued. A lucky draw has been released just a few days ago, giving the PUBG Mobile gamers a chance to test their fortune. However, the spinning action costs UC - which you have to buy with real money. But, there is still one free reward up for claiming - a premium crate coupon. 

blazing treasure free
You can get several items for free in the Blazing Treasure event

Veterans of PUBG Mobile may already know this classic trick, but the new players may not. Therefore, we would like to show you all just how easy it is to claim the free premium crate coupon from the lucky draw events. This also applies to the Blazing Treasure that is up and running in the live servers.


 How to Acquire Free Premium Crate Coupon From The Blazing Treasure Event

As always, the developers hide an easter egg in the Lucky Draw event, a small reward is on it for anyone who discovers the location. In the Blazing Treasure event, the secret spot is right under your sight. Here is how to acquire your premium crate coupon for free:

#1 Open the PUBG Mobile app on your device

#2 Click on the Blazing Treasure event banner to access its page

Pubg Mobile Premium Crate Coupon
Tap the banner here

#3 Tap the Fuel Pump icon

Blazing Treasure Event pump
The green pump on the right corner

#4 Re-tap it again to claim a premium crate coupon for free

Step 3
Tap to unlock the gift

#5 Receive your reward

Step 4 1
Here's your free coupon

How easy was that? It takes just a few seconds for you to get your hands on a free premium crate coupon. Now use it to claim some cosmetics for your character. For future note, this trick works all the time as soon as a new lucky draw comes out. PUBG Mobile developers always offer a premium crate coupon for free, you just have to know where to look for it.