There is no denial of PUBG Mobile’s immense popularity. The game has garnered a whopping 1 billion downloads as of June 2020 with millions of active players joining the battleground every single day. It’s hard to not love a game that brings a refreshing breeze to the boring same old mobile gaming scene. However, people who have different ideas about PUBG Mobile are inevitable. Is this so-called “Chinese app” is actually Chinese? Let’s find out who is the owner of PUBG Mobile game

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PUBG Mobile is now the biggest title in the mobile Battle Royale genre

We all know that satisfying everyone is one of those impossible missions. Each has their own opinions and all should respect that. While some adore the Battle Royale game so much, others may have a different idea. They accuse the PUBG Mobile of provoking violence, causing great addiction, and juvenile crimes. Followed by an insecurity scandal regarding users’ information, the app is standing on the verge of getting banned entirely. Not stopping there, a handful even addresses it as a “Chinese app”, not knowing who is the real owner of PUBG Mobile game

Owner Of PUBG Mobile Game: About the Title

Before we get any further into the topic, let’s go over the basics of popular game title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It was initially released on December 20, 2017, by a South Korean company - PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. It’s also the PUBG Mobile game owner name. This multi-player online Battle Royale title is available on multiple platforms. Originally, the game only supported Microsoft Windows, then it gradually gravitated towards consoles. PUBG is now playable on Xbox One, Google Stadia, as well as PlayStation 4.

Pubg Original
Bluehole officially released the original PUBG in 2017

PUBG grew so quickly that it even surpassed League of Legends in terms of the number of players in 2017. Hundreds of thousands, then millions started swarming in, creating one of the most thriving gaming communities the world has ever seen. Witnessed the potentials of the title, PUBG Corp shook hands with the technology giant, Tencent Games to develop a mobile adaptation. After quite a prolonged wait, it was officially released in 2018 to the global server. That’s why you see the Tencent Games logo appears when the game load. They’re the developers, not the real owner of PUBG Mobile Game

The Real Owner of PUBG Mobile Game 

The journey to find the PUBG Mobile game owner name takes us all the way to South Korea. The company that developed and published the original game was actually Ginno Games - now better known as PUBG Corporation. It’s an internal studio of the game company Bluehole - a subsidiary of the Krafton Game Union. This Seongnam based company owns numerous more subsidiaries apart from Bluehole. They include PUBG Corporation, En Masse Studio, Pnix, and Delusion Studio. 

Pubg Corp Logo
PUBG Mobile isn't entirely Chinese

Why are People Confused about the Real Owner of PUBG Mobile Game

As it turns out, the Chinese Technology giant Tencent Games has a 1.5% stake in Bluehole Studio. Tencent has reportedly attempted to increase its stakeholding in the PUBG developer but failed. After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was banned by the Chinese Government back in 2017, Bluehole didn’t want to miss out on such a huge market. Therefore, it shook hands with Tencent Games, who promised to bring PUBG into China in the form of a mobile game. That kicked off the development of PUBG Mobile and explained why we see Tencent’s logo in the game. 

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Players may question why Tencent's logo is in the game

Facts about The Owner of PUBG Mobile Game

Now that we know who is the owner of PUBG Mobile game, we find the need to provide you with some information on the company. These little facts may or may not surprise you, but they will definitely bring a better perspective of the PUBG Mobile game company. Without further ado, let’s check these facts out:

  • #1 The original PUBG was developed by PUBG Corporation, previously known as Ginno Games. 
  • #2 PUBG Corporation, Bluehole Studio, and several more subsidiaries belong to the Krafton Game Union, based in Bundang-gu, Seongnam, South Korea. It’s the PUBG Mobile game company
  • #3 Delusion Studio, a subsidiary of Bluehole, is the developer of the popular game Castle Bum 
  • #4 Tencent Games has the second-highest stake in Bluehole Studio. However, though being the second-highest, it’s only 1.5%. 
  • #5 PUBG Mobile comes from an incident in the past. When China banned the game in 2017, Tencent managed to bring it back to the market. That is the start of PUBG Mobile game history.
Pubg Pc Vs Mobile
PUBG Mobile is the Tencent's solution to the Chinese market
  • #6 Bluehole Studio isn’t the only game studio that Tencent has its investment. It has an 81.4% stake in Supercell, the Finnish developer behind Clash of Titans, and Clash Royale. Tencent also holds 48% of Epic Games and 5% of Ubisoft. 
  • #7 According to the Chinese Censorship law, PUBG Mobile can’t be distributed in the country due to the blood and gore. Therefore, Tencent had to delete that part out, and rename it “Game for Peace”. 
  • #8 The creator, or we can say the founder of PUBG Mobile game is Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene

The Owner of PUBG Mobile Game in the Insecurity Accuse

PUBG Mobile may soon be banned in India, which isn’t new to everyone. The Battle Royale game managed to escape the first batch, but the second time, it’s not so lucky. Now, PUBG Mobile is on the list of 275 Chinese-owned apps monitored by the Indian Government. They are under investigation for violating user privacy and posing national threats. Following the ban of 59 other apps earlier this year, including the popular social media TikTok, this is the second way in the Indian attempt to wipe Chinese apps out of the country. This is a dark era in the PUBG Mobile game history

Pubg Mobile Violations
India investigates PUBG Mobile for stealing users' personal information

Whether the Korean owner of PUBG Mobile game has anything to do with this is a difficult question to tackle. Maybe yes, or maybe no. There’s no real certain answer that we can give you as of now. All we know is that Bluehole and PUBG Corp worked with Tencent Games to make a mobile adaptation - thanks to the Chinese tech giant’s immense experience in the field. Perhaps we should leave the answer to the founder of PUBG Mobile game and find out later. 

That’s all we have for now in this article on the real owner of PUBG Mobile game. It would be a shame to see this popular game title missing from India’s gaming scene. However, there hasn’t been an official order from the Government yet. You can still download and enjoy the Battle Royale game as of now. For more information, details, and guides regarding the world of gaming, visit our website at