PUBG Mobile, no need introduction, is the most popular mobile game not only in India but many other countries around the world. The battle royale game is now having more than 13.02 crore downloads and 50 crore active users in India.

However, fans of PUBG Mobile in India have been having a hard time recently after speculation about the PUBG banned notice in the country sparked last week. In fact, PUBG banned notice in India was released last year but the government reserved the ban only a while later. Will the same thing happen to PUBG Mobile and what you need to know about this issue, keep scrolling down for more details.

PUBG banned notice
Will the India government ban PUBG again just like the way they did in 2018?

Why PUBG banned in India

While the PC version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is developed by South Korea company, the mobile version which is also more popular among players PUBG Mobile belongs to a China-based company Tencent Game.

Although the PUBG banned notice is yet to be announced, there are popular Chinese apps like TikTok, UC Browser and more than 200 other apps that have been banned in India due to the political issue between India and China. According to the Standing Committee for Information Technology, the main reason is “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, the security of the state and public order.

Awm Pubg Mobile PUBG banned notice
Awm Pubg Mobile

In addition to that, the addictive violent game is also said to make a negative effect on the Indian youth's mental and physical health. Apart from several violent cases, police department also records suicide cases of young children who are addicted to PUBG Mobile. These cases sparked a public outcry as activists demand the government and authorities to create proper actions on the use of the game among children.

However, there are some tips and tricks to play PUBG even when the ban takes effect. Check out how: How To Play PUBG In Banned Country? Check Out This Complete Guide

Official PUBG banned notice?!

By July 2020, there is no official PUBG banned notice in India yet as the government is still considering the consequence of the app ban on the society. You can still download PUBG Mobile on Google Play and Apple Store and play it as usual. However, please note that the app used to be banned in the country back in 2018 and this is PUBG banned in India legal notice.

PUBG banned notice
PUBG banned notice in India in 2018

While the news about official PUBG banned notice 2020 is spreading all over the internet, it might be fake news as the government and  the Standing Committee for Information Technology haven't made the final decision on it yet.

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Reaction to PUBG banned notice

In response to PUBG Banned notice which is likely to be issued by the government, most of the young people especially PUBG fans are against the idea of blocking the app. Meanwhile, pros like FT Mortal, Scout, Thug suppose that the decision all depends on the government.

"However, we should be prepared for the worst, even while praying for a decision favouring the community." - Wrote Animesh Agarwal, aka 8Bit_Thug

Meanwhile, the netizen are worried about the ban as PUBG is the most favorite games which are widely played by many users in the country. Some others make fun of it by creating viral memes, check out some of them:

Why Pubg Is Not Banned
Netizen is making fun as PUBG mobile is said to be the next Chinese app to be banned in India
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Source: Twitter

When PUBG Mobile gets banned in India, you can read some handy tips here.

Other countries which banned PUBG Mobile

Earlier in June 2020, PUBG banned notice was made official in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority due to the harmful impact of the game on the youth. However, the ban was soon lifted 3 weeks later. The game was also in the legal soup and blocked in many other countries like Nepal, Iraq and China. it was not only until the game publisher made changes for a less 'bloody and gore' game that the ban was lifted.

Despite several PUBG Mobile alternatives are available like Fortnite, Free Firee, and many others, PUBG Mobile appears to be the most competitive battle royale game for low-end android mobiles which are popular in India. Therefore, PUBG Mobile is still the best mobile game for Indian players. Hope that PUBG banned notice in India will never be issued.

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