In the latest news, PUBG Mobile is revealed to be one of the 275 apps that are being reviewed by the Indian government to be banned next. PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent, the biggest gaming company in China so there is a high chance that it will become the next target.

While it is not 100% sure that PUBG Mobile is going to be banned next but the PUBG Mobile community in India is already freaking out. Pro players such as Ghatak, MortaL, Thug, also shared their opinion about this news on their social media.


Ghatak, the leader of TSM-Entity, has been asked about this matter a lot by fans and he thinks that everyone should follow the law should PUBG Mobile get banned. He also encourages people to think positively and not to worry about it.


8Bit_Thug, the owner of team 8Bit and the manager of Team SouL, shares the same opinion with Ghatak and tells everyone to "hope for the best and prepared for the worst."

Rakazone Gaming

Rakazone Gaming, a famous PUBG Mobile stream with 328k subscribers on Youtube, shows his concern that the ban will affect the whole PUBG Mobile community in India and not just streamers and content creators.

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MortaL reassured everyone that PUBG Mobile being banned in India is just a possibility and the chance of PUBG Mobile getting banned is low in his opinion.


Scout shares the same opinion wit MortaL and thinks that people are just overreacting the situation.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo streams many different games on his Youtube so he doesn't worry too much

Dynamo Gaming doesn't even worry even if PUBG Mobile gets banned because he doesn't solely play PUBG Mobile on his channel. He can still stream other games such as GTA 5 or other games if PUBG Mobile is no longer available.

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