Due to the conflict between India and China recently, many Chinese apps in Google Play Store are being banned in India such as Tiktok, UC Brower, WeChat,... The first ban wave consists of 59 apps, which didn't include PUBG Mobile.

In the latest news, PUBG Mobile is revealed to be among the list of 275 apps that might be banned next. The government is reviewing this list and consider which app will be banned. That means not all apps in this list will be banned. However, as PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent, the biggest gaming company in China, making it a huge target and fans are extremely worried now.

Pubg Mobile Ban India

PUBG Mobile has grown to be the biggest esports in India over the last 2 years. Thanks to the game, many people have found themselves a career that based on their passion such as Youtuber, streamer, pro player, caster,... PUBG Mobile has become a huge industry in India that has huge effects on many people's life.


7 Indian PUBG Mobile teams are currently playing in the international PUBG Mobile tournaments PUBG Mobile World East at the moment with an online format. If PUBG Mobile gets banned they are pretty done and won't be able to compete anymore. Even with a VPN, the delay will be so high and make it impossible for them to play well. Moreover, many people in the PUBG Mobile esports scene will be out of work. PUBG Mobile streamers and Youtubers will have to find another game to play and lose many viewers.

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People in the esports scene of PUBG Mobile will be out of work

It will actually be chaos if PUBG Mobile gets banned in India now. While it is not sure that PUBG Mobile will get banned or not, let's hope that the government will make the right choice and not do it.

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