Being one of the most popular third person shooting game for mobile, PUBG Mobile is gaining a huge fanbase with more than 50 crore players coming from around the world. There will be various reasons for an user to delete PUBG Mobile account.

In fact, a lot of PUBG Mobile users are trying to delete their account due to the privacy issue as the China-based app is accused of collecting personal information of its users. In addition to that, people who registered the app with a social media account also worry about their privacy.  In case you have no idea how to delete your PUBG Mobile account or unlink it from social media account, check out the step-by-step guideline below.

How to delete PUBG Mobile account

Pubg Mobile Account Delete
User used to be able to delete their account permanently from the in-app Settings

According to the update of End-User License Agreement of the game, user can no longer delete their account from the game setting function unless they are from an European country. According to the representative of the PUBG Mobile Discord, if an user wants to delete PUBG Mobile account, the only way to speed up the process is to sending query to the customer service. However, this is what you will received after sending the query:

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Pubg Mobile Account Delete 2
However, it seems like we're no longer able to delete PUBG Mobile account anymore

It can be assumed that your PUBG Mobile account cannot be deleted even under your permission. However, you can unlink your social media account like Facebook, Twitter from PUBG Mobile account. The process can be done as follow:

How to unlink PUBG Mobile account from Facebook

Pubg Mobile Account Unlink Facebook
Unlink PUBG Mobile from Facebook is easy
  1. Open Facebook on your mobile or destop
  2. Go to Settings section, choose 'Privacy'
  3. Go to App and Websites sections
  4. Choose PUBG Mobile and click Remove to unlink it from your Facebook account

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How to unlink PUBG Mobile account from Twitter

Pubg Mobile Account Unlink Twitter
It helps enhancing the privacy of your social media account

In case you linked your PUBG Mobile account with Twitter, you can remove it from the app by taking a few steps:

  1. Open Twitter from mobile or desktop
  2. Go to Settings/Account
  3. Go to App and Sessions
  4. Revoke the access of PUBGMOBILE by choosing the item and click Remove

The above step will not delete your PUBG Mobile account. It only for unlinking the app with your social media account toe enhance the privacy of your personal information. In case you registered with a email address, you can still log in your PUBG Mobile account with the seperate ID and password.

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