The controversies around PUBG Mobile banned in Pakistan have finally come to an end after the Islamabad High Court ordered the Pakistan Government to remove the ban on the Chinese battle game.

Earlier, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority announced the restriction of PUBG Mobile across the country due to the negative impact it created among the children. Apart from being accused of the indirect reason relating to some suicide cases in the country, some details in the game are also believed to be against Islam.

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Pakistan lifts the ban on PUBG Mobile, hopes that the same thing will happen to India

Due to the public outcry relating to the ban of the game in Pakistan, a preliminary court hearing was held in July 9 but it was not only until July 24 that the PTA officially announced the unblock of PUBG Mobile in the country as the consequence of the earlier hearing. Check out the full details of the announcement in the following Tweet:

In fact, the ban of the popular battle game split the country as it was supported by many people while most of the youths were against the ban. Meanwhile, one of the Pakistan Federal Ministry Fawad Chauhdy made headlines for slamming the ban, claiming it was a wrong move which is about to kill the national tech industry.

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On the reaction to the latest update on PUBG Mobile unban in Pakistan, the national gaming community expressed their happiness and satisfaction toward the news. In fact, esport in Pakistan are gaining more and more achievement and becoming a strong community in comparison to other countries in the area as well as in the world.  

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